Wizetrade...these audio/videos say it all ;-)

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  1. I have found a LOT of amusing things on the Wizetrade website, but these are classic... :D (some were a bit hard to find)

    -=Prepare to laugh=-

    -What does this company do again? Oh yeah...sell stock market software.. That's pretty sad/disgusting


    www.wizetrade.com\videotest\good decision.WMV
    -A very bad decision

    www.wizetrade.com\videotest\Home with the family.WMV
    -Not going to be much of a family once you blow the loot

    www.wizetrade.com\videotest\Kill 'em.WMV
    -erm, ok

    www.wizetrade.com\videotest\know red & green.WMV
    -Alright folks, there really isn't any substitute for knowing your red and green

    -This sounds like an intro to some conference call before they went live...notice the laughing during the recorded "testimonial" on their end...I guess they find the BS pretty funny themselves :)

    Alright folks...everyone ready to order!

    I can't believe how gullible folks can be...I feel bad for the retired crowd especially :mad:

    btw..."Wizefinder" seriously has to be a joke...$169 a month to filter by volume and three sets of moving averages? Wait a sec...I will name these 3 moving averages "the three wizemen"...yeah, now they will pay up..
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    Classic! Thanks for the links...
  3. ROFL! Oh man! This is hilarious!!! :D

    I also love the testimonials on the homepage...

    “I’m new to the market and without WIZETRADE™ I wouldn’t have a clue how to make a profitable trade. This software shows a simple solution to a complex market. I won’t trade without it.”
    -Amber Archangel, California

    “WIZETRADE™ is the tool for me ... and it can be the tool for you. Amen”
    -Otis Tucker, Sr, Texas

    “I couldn’t trade without WIZETRADE™, and if anybody told me that they were going to take my WIZETRADE™ software, I’d have to kill ’em.”
    -Richard Huffines, Texas

    “I am new to Wizetrade, but I have been successful enough to more than pay for the software.”
    - DIZ, Yahoo Message Board

    May I ask just one question? How come that the US is full of stuff like this? You always get spam, ads, testimonials, all kinds of stuff to appeal to what must be extremely gullible people. What is it? Are Americans, or a large majority of them, really as stupid as they say???
  4. Some of us just have stupid friends who con us into buying this shit :D

  5. LOL Fast! But if there is only ONE GOOD THING in there, it may pay off for a lifetime to come! :p

    That's still the best argument for soliciting the sale of 'trading education' junk I've come across.

    If I should ever get my own 'trading education' site, I'll put that in first thing... :D

  6. F. d'Anconia

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    big up for posting these links..........
    I literally sat in front of my screen in horror looking at the first
    clip of the "convention" or whatever you call it. Unbelievable!

    Only in America....................
  7. Its a snip @ 3995 $ !!!
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