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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by shawnshawn, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Any one here has used Wizetrade Software for trading? I know most of the participants on this board are rather using more "complex" and possibly complete way of trading. It would be nice to get some feedback from people that are familiar with WT software. Also any one knows of a program by Bright Brothers out of Las Vegas? Have you taken their course? Any feed back is welcome.

    Thanks, Shawn
  2. Look up one section under Professional Firms on the Home page
    and you will see the ad for Bright Trading. I don't believe they
    sell a "program" such as WizeTrade, ect. I think Don Bright would
    be embarassed to be mentioned in the same sentence as
    WizeTrade. Oops. I did it! Sorry Don!

  3. shawn - run, don't walk, as fast and far away from Wizetrade as possible.

    It's been discussed on another couple of threads before. It looks to be the same people and same junk being heavily hyped a year or two ago under the acronym WOW (not to be confused with Windows on Wall St). WOW was total schlock then (they even had a multi-level marketing scheme attached to it then).

    They eventually seemed to fade into oblivion. But WT appears to be its reincarnation - same people and same schlock with maybe a slightly glossier veneer (looks like they also realized the MLM scheme was stupid and dumped it).

    Oh, and don't forget the late night infomercials with people who work for the company pretending to be customers and presented by the same people who hype the get rich quick selling on the internet software kit. :)

    Caveat emptor!!