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    I am a new registered member here, but I wanted to share my "experiences" with the customer service at Wizetrade. I attended their free seminar and left skeptical. I found this site, along with a few others and began to research the company. I found some positive and some negative things about WT. I decided to call to ask some questions, especially about their 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I was told I could try it for 30 days and if I didn't like it, they didn't want me to keep it. The rep made a hard sales push, but I politely refused to purchase at that time. I told him I was interested in learning more, but not right then. The same rep calls me back a couple of days later saying I need to act fast because the 30-Day guarantee is going away. He didn't want me to miss out on that opportunity. I told him again I would consider, but I was not going to purchase when I wasn't ready. Just the other day he leaves me a message to see if I'm ready now. I e-mailed him because I didn't want to hear another sales pitch and told him I was no longer interested if they didn't believe in giving a guarantee which they had been doing. He responded today with a "that's ok if you want to continue to LOSE your money on trades" and "if you change your mind, call someone else at Wizetrade to help you". Wow, that sounds like great customer service.

    I'm starting to read up on technical analysis because I don't have a background in that. I hope to learn more so I can see what system might better suit me and my trading preferences. For me, I'm just glad I didn't purchase the software because I can only imagine what I might have gone through had I decided to return it.
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  2. Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the sales rep. I think that you should take a moment and call the president there. I am sure that he would not think to highly of such a pressure tactic or the rudeness that followed. Give that anger a platform with someone who might be able to do something about it. You just might be surprised.

    Customer service is a trade that is fast becoming a legend in many companies. We, the consuming public, need to make our disgust known within the organizations as well as outside their doors. :)
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    I was just browsing through the threads and came on this one.

    Was just curious, and I'm certainly not looking to rub salt in anybody's open wound, but just how expensive is this software?

    Is it more than the usual blackbox stuff.....like Omnitrader? Which is a POS, but that's my open wound.

    Let me know.


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  4. Expensive is a relative term. If a software can't be made to work for/by the user, any price could be too expensive. The software costs approximately $4,000. It can also be bought through the company seminars programs for approximately $3,000 in their promos. For ME, it was a good investment. :)
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    Thanks for the reply, Canyonman.

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    Hey stingray, you are probably one of the smarter person with common sense...and I recommend others who are reading this to do the same, always do your research before taking your wallet out, buying on impulse is probably the worse thing one can do when attending one of these sales seminar. No matter how convincing or how logical the salesperson made it sound, go home sleep on it and do some research on the web and ask people whom used it and see what you think at taht time, don't let anyone pressure you to buy something because of some discount. Think about it, if the software really works and makes you thousands of dollars a month, why do you care to save $1000 buying right there and then....the discount is useless if the software don't work, so the smartest thing to do is not buy on impulse, I can't stress that enough. I never used the product nor am I planning to, so I won't know whether it works or not...but I really hope no one got ripped off...especially old folks, I really can't stand it when sweet innocent grandma types get jack
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  7. I agree with this particular persons comments on the whole. But make sure that you notice the piece that states. "I have never used the product nor am I planning to." Please give this the proper "Actual User Review" weight in determining whether or not to purchase the software.

    Saving $1,000 on the purchase is not critical. If you can make the software operate as it is stated then you should be able to make back whatever the cost. But if you can't, then it is a bad investment at any cost. Take your time, seek out the WizeTrade software users (not the sales staff or the company) and get their comments, then think again.

    If you need negative reinforcements they will be easy to find. But so too are positive statements if you know where to look. Find some additional actual users of the software and get their insight. I too hate to see sweet innocent grandma types get jack, be it software, or unqualified advice no matter where the source. :)
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    There will be a free wizetrade seminar tomorrow in OKC. I was planning on attending, but after reading some of this thread, I think I'll pass

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    I received a call from one of their representatives. My wife answered the call and asked me if I wanted to talk to them. I said tell them it will not be necessary until I refiew the free video that I requested. The caller replied, "bitch" and hung up.

    Would you want to purchase a product from a company with salesmen with this attitude? I wrote a complaint letter to the president of the company.:mad:
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  10. LMAO!!!!! :D :D :D
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