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  1. See there, even with you I can find some agreement. I too have stated this point in many of my posts. Now if we can only get you to understand that I am not a vendor. We will then have added another base hit to the list of accomplishments. Ok, please provide the hard proof of certified WizeTrade vendor status. :)
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    Nihaba, What is the best book to read for EMini Trading. I was told you're
    the one that would know. Thanks, Rob heyrob5
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  3. Red light ... Green light....you mean this might not work?? I would be very interested to meet the people that watch that infomercial.....and actually think.....hey this looks like a good tool to help me make thousands of dollars a day!!!!
    That infomercial is almost satirical it is so damn funny. To those that actually bought into that infomercial...I have some fantastic beach front property to sell you in Arizona.
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    The problem with magic potions is that the postion is usually made from horse shit. New traders always fall for going the easy way, be it a black box in the computer or a black box human guru. The only way you will ever be successful as a trader or investor is to develop your own system, one that feels right to you and you have confidence in. You can not have 100% confidence in a black box. I have looked at the system before and then started running things to see what it might be composed of and as best I can tell the signals are generated using Linear Regression lines in short term timeframes, one open one closed -but I don't feel like getting a letter from a lawyer if I am onto something here..so I will not give the parameter to set them at, but experiment with things under 10 and you will find it. The system is very similar (identical???) to the one All Tech used for some time to keep people pushing the buttons.

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    If you're not working for the vendor why do you care if anyone believes WT works or not?

    The shill steps out of the crowd, raises his hand, and proclaims "I'll take a bottle!".
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  6. It is simple, as a guy who learned to use the WizeTrade software and understands some of the things that CAN POSSIBLY be done with it, I volunteered to share. I do not look for, nor desire, your approval or distrust. I merely state that if you do have the WizeTrade software and do have some legitimate questions, I might be able to help with a little insight.

    It has proven profitable for me and that's all that really matters for me. I would not look to encourage nor discourage your decision to purchase either way. If you personally own the software and can speak with authority, I welcome your tidbits and assistance. Otherwise, cynics can be found at a rate of about a dime a dozen. And sometimes that IS their true value in the equation. :)
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  7. Agreed, the video leaves a lot to be desired. And I have always stated that there is more to the markets and the software than that. And once again, review and information from a non-owner. The WizeTrade software has been a good tool for me.

    As to your beachfront property comment, you really should review Arizona history. If you were around in Mesozoic times, you would be able to see the ocean in Arizona too!

    According to KNOWN facts, Arizona has had no less than three major periods of time when it did have ocean covering part of the state. But I am sure that you are aware of that! And some of that area is pretty valuable now.

    Oh I get it now, you were just testing my history knowledge. And I am sure that your parcel has some value. We know you would not have been dumb enough to buy worthless dirt. Thanks for the test! :)
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  8. Fortunately, for ME, I didn't desire 100% confidence. I have never achieved 100% confidence in the markets. I know of very few individuals who trade with 100% confidence that they are correct in their assessments and positions. Having done so, you have truly achieved guru status. I sit in awe and marvel at your 100% ability. I am not worthy... :)
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    Every trader I know who has been successful over a long period of time is 100% confident in their system. Not in each trade, anything can happen in a single trade. If you are not confident in your overall system though you will not make money.

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  10. Ok!
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