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    Hello, Canyonman and Adrone...

    Thanks for your encouraging posts. Yes, I do own the software, and am seeking assistance in using it profitably. Could you reveal the group of stocks you like to use, Canyonman? Would also be interested in your custom minute settings. You could email me with a response, if you do not care to post that information. I appreciate any help you are able to give. Sue
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    Fools and Snakeoil Vendors
    It's not that fools and their money are soon parted; but simply amazing that they ever got together in the first place.

    We call it chasing rainbows over here in the UK. Most of us on both sides of the pond recognise the term "holy grail."

    Maybe greed is the motivating factor, and a certain degree of sloth, an inability or unwillingness to put in the effort to achieve any reward in life.

    Then along comes the snakeoil man in his rambling cart stuffed full of magic potions and various secrets of the universe, including how to get rich with little effort."Follow my system," he cries.

    "Did you get rich following this system?" said a voice in the crowd.

    "I get rich selling this system - software." whispered the snakeoil man in a moment of inexplicable honesty.

    He need not have worried. No one heard him because of the clatter of chairs as the Fools rushed in to buy their bottle of snakeoil/system.

    It was such a good day that the little old man who always popped up at meetings to exclaim how the snakeoil changed his life, was not called upon to perform. Perhaps the decendants of this little old man now pop up on threads to extoll the virtues of modern day snake oil.

    Modern times are a little tougher for our snake oil man. He has to employ more than one stooge to appear among the crowd/thread to praise the potion, and a way controlling the media constantly occupies his slippery mind. If he can ban people from voicing a dissenting opinion, he will do so.

    Damn those wise and experienced people who poke their noses in to warn people of the impotence of his magic potion/system. How dare they ask for proof. How dare the snake oil mans' past victims appear and criticise him.

    Life is tougher for the snakeoil man, but he knows that if he shouts " become rich - no effort" often enough, then no amount of warnings from the wise and experienced, indeed warnings from past victims, will prevent the Fool with selective vision/hearing from biting the hook of the snakeoil man.


    :) :) :)
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    You certainly are one, presumptious individual. Are you posting your snake oil sermon from personal experience with the product, in which case you put yourself in the category of "the fool and his money who is soon parted" characterized by "greed, sloth, and an inabililty or unwilllingness to put in the effort to achieve any reward in life."

    If you haven't personally used the product, then you have no first-hand experience, hence no right to even be critical. There is no excuse for you self-righteousness. Pray tell-- what is working for you???? And it better be a system that you developed all on your own-- no purchasing of anyone else's software, or even datafeed-- that would take away from your own efforts.

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    Hi Sue,
    I studied methods posted to this board by experienced traders. It cost nothing.

    Next I followed up links posted by the members on this site, and read books reviewed on this site and elsewhere.

    My system works for me, and no I am not telling you what it is since the consensus of advice on such matters on this board is that each person evolves their own system (They dont buy one from the snakeoil man)

    Rather childish remark about data feed - of course I pay for a data feed, how do you think I read prices - even the holy grail needs data!

    Look under "Software" on this site for observations about Wizetrade.

    No I was never silly enough to buy a system. Think about it - would you sell a golden Goose?

    Traders spend their time trading, not wasting time on making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

    Since you cannot provide a rational debate for the selection of your wonder market weapon I suggest you remain in a huddle with the other promotors of your grail on this thread.

    For I shall not return - not even to read the diatribe in reply to this post.


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    Whatever dude.

    I didn't say that there is no system that consistently wins...I said that I have never found a system SOLD TO THE PUBLIC that consistenly wins. All profitable traders have a system in one form or another...they just don't sell it.

    I am not naming WizeTrade specifically, nor am I claiming to be an expert...I am making a blanket statement, fair or unfair, backed up by an extensive history of trial and error, that you will not buy trading success, no matter who is selling it. If you want to compare that to saying the Earth is flat then so be it. The problem is that, in this case, the empirical evidence shows lots of people falling off the horizon.

    If its working so well for you and your customers, why are you still a tech when unlimited wealth awaits?

    At least the "satisfied customers" continue to do a horrible job of hiding their true intensions...
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  9. Again, show me the hard physical evidence of "LOT'S OF PEOPLE FALLING OFF OF THE HORIZON." What I will agree with is that there are many people here with opinions about the software that do not own, nor have ever used it extensively, by their own admissions. Even in reviewing here, I can not tell you how many people have the software. I would ask you to again show me hard proof. In this thread alone we have more individuals who are satisfied (and own the software) than not. Yet you would somehow state your case from an "Empirical" point of view.

    You state that YOU, "have never found any system sold to the public." Again being the world's most knowledgeable individual on this type of research I would ask you for the evidence. And I will use your standard of judgement as to your success in that endeavor. In other words, I must totally agree and unequivocally be convinced that it is true. I think you ended one of your comments with the phrase "Good luck!" Well, I won't be so narrow in my expectations.

    As for the tech comment, I do happen to thoroughly enjoy what I do in the area of computers. Hmm, that would be either formally (working with Fortune 1000 corporations for review, upgrade recommendations and overhaul management of their existing systems) or unofficially (helping friends and others keep their machines in order). And I do plan on continuing in that capacity for some time to come. Um, regardless of the trading outcomes.

    Hopefully, unlike you, one can measure success with more than having unlimited wealth. I AM financially comfortable. I AM content with what I have and how it is growing. I AM looking to improve what I have and how I do it (trade that is). My stress levels are very managable.

    I would hope one would not be looking to "buy" infallible "financial success" with this software. In that quest, you will surely fail. However, should you be looking for another tool that MIGHT help you spot a good trade, this software MIGHT help. That is, in spite of all the possible negative comments contained herein. :)
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    If you like it then use the software...I'm not your mother.

    And how many times do I have to say my statements are regarding the whole universe of marketed holy grails, not just yours? When I say most people never make money with them, I am talking about all of them...I know of no one personally that is using WizeTrade, but if it walks like a duck...

    I stated in a prior post that if you find it a useful tool to assist in trading then fine. But the company markets it as a plug and play holy grail...that is what I have a problem with.

    I am not going to sit here and argue with a vendor. I think I made my point to those that it matters. Buyer beware.
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