WizeTrade Software - Serious issues..

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  1. Has anyone tried to contact their Credit Card Company to see if they will refund their money back? I mean, who has 3 grand in their pocket to buy it there on the spot.. I assume that they used a Credit Card. Just curious.. They are here in Austin for 3 days. I almost went, but.. backout cause they do tend to pressure you into buying now. So, I did a search on the net. And found this site.. Glad I did!
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  2. Glad to see you doing research first. Whatever your decision, this is a prudent approach. I have spoken with a few folks who got their credit back on their card. Take your time when looking into this product. It is not green light simple as it is touted. I'd say find an e-mail/phone mentor who is actually using the product and will talk to you prior to your purchase. Pick their brains and ask all the hard questions. Then decide what you wish to do at your own discretion.

    The discount pricing aspect is not going anywhere. I am sure that if a purchase is desired in the future, there will be a seminar somewhere that you can take advantage of. Good luck! :)
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  3. dEvNuL


    It's easy to over-price software (as they have done) and then offer a nice discount...

    - dEvNuL
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  4. But that posture is generally true of most things. MOST products are not offered at a reasonable price. The focus is usually towards the position of what is the most that market will pay. Software included! :)
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  5. While doing due diligence on Wizetrade, and especially after reading the posts on this forum, I have decided NOT to purchase Wizetrade.

    Thank goodness there are forums like these.
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  6. I love watching the 100 year old couples day trading away on there laptop while sitting by the pool :) Those wizetrade commercials are just great! :)

    And to the thread starter, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck in the future!
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  7. So are there any more fellas who are making money or cursing WT?????

    Any new stories?

    It wouldbe nice to sort of update the thread and keep it alive for those who are about to enter into trading.
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  8. I bought Investools when it was Online Investor's Advantage a while back (gotta wonder why they changed their name. probably so many complaints) Sadly, I was a total newbie and didn't know any better.

    None of these trading programs work. Not 4x made easy, Optionetics, Options made easy, none. If they did, they wouldn't be selling it. It says the same thing in one of Jack Schwager's market wizards books by one of the great traders he interviews.

    Not only do they not work, but using it costed me alot of money. They're DANGEROUS.

    You think ANYONE in Wall Street is using one of these things? No way.

    Selling trading programs should be illegal. They're outright frauds.

    Here's a whole list of scams and complaints. This site is actually being "sued" by the makers of 4x made easy, probably for just telling the truth.

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  9. LOL. Great observation. If it worked, they WOULD be at home trading, instead of going around the country trying to sell this stuff on evenings.
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