WizeTrade Software - Serious issues..

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  1. I have gotten several emails regarding my opinion on this software.. So I just want to post my comments here for anyone interested..

    Quick Summary,

    A) They don't give people enough time to try it out..

    B) Wizetrade doesn't work..

    C) They don't let you resell it.. :mad:

    I bought the software a while back before I studied any TA, I was a fresh sucker.. I believed them completely, if you do not have a clue about basic TA, it is very easy to buy.. At the sales pitch they show you the turning points in the trend, they say that all you have to look for is fresh crosses and follow the lights.. they advertised it as being as simple as reading red and green lights..

    They talk about entering when you have a fresh cross.. similar to a stochastic, but the problem is that that cross forms way after the stock has moved.. the right edge of the chart is constantly changing.. one minute you have a fresh cross next minute you don't.. IMHO this software is useless even dangerous.. I did nothing but waste time and money with this program, in essence all this program does is represent the stock movement with a red and green line, and fresh crosses appear exactly at the turning points..

    To top it off they don't let you post these matters on their yahoo group site, and they don't let you resell it.. I was going to keep quiet about this until they told me I can't sell it.. Now I'm planning on legal action.. If anyone here has bought the software and wants to sell it back to wizetrade please contact me to see what we can do..
  2. I noticed my comments on the recent wizetrade review by "reloader" were removed, not a problem..

    I'd like to get any wizetrade person to debate the issues I declared in the first post of this thread..

  3. to hype their software and rebuke the very points you make in this thread.

    It's funny you said that they hype the program by claiming that "it's easy to use, red light, green light, blah blah blah" because that's exactly what the Wizetrade employees are saying on the software rating page.

    Although they are not claiming to be employees, they think it isn't obvious to us what they are doing.

    I myself saw them at several trade shows. All show, no go is the Wizetrade motto.

    Good luck on getting your money back, I hope it works out for you and anyone else who wants their money back.
  4. Thanks Zippie.. The thing that bothers me most is that they are taking advantage of the ignorant in an unethical way by posing as a serious software company.. seems criminal.
  5. I just did a quick Google search engine look for any user groups for WizeTrade...

    I found a group at Yahoo at


    there seems to be some faithful users of this product, happy users and the not so happy users.

    Thus, what may not be a good experience for you, may be a good experience for another.

    Note: I do not use WizeTrade products. I use Qcharts, Esignal and my spouse uses MetaStock Pro.

    Nihaba Ashi
  6. Nihaba,

    I used to belong to that yahoo user group till I got kicked out for bringing up these issues above, to count happy users and not so happy users on that forum is completely useless. I know that I am not the only one that has been kicked off that forum for posting the truth..

    If anyone is making consistant money with that program its a miracle. Its like trading two steps behind the monkey..
  7. To get away from all the negativity...

    what software do you plan on using next or are using now?

    If you are using another trading software...what do you like about it that you didn't like about WizeTrade?

    Nihaba Ashi
  8. Actually its kind of ironic, I bought wizetrade which requires a data feed.. at the time the wize guys didn't have their own data feed like they do now.. so they had a deal with Esignal at the time, I had no clue that esignal had its own charting software.. Anyway once I started looking and studying traditional TA and the technical indicators included with esignal, I realised that using traditional TA is easier and much more comprehensive than Wizetrade.. Thats when I decided to sell my copy of wizetrade, well thats not allowed.. Since then I have read a bunch of books, went to a few seminars, and I am now using QuickenQuotesLive, and a fancy software called excel.
  9. Cybertrader01,

    Wizetrade has a learning curve? Online training? Radio Broadcasts? Wizefinder? Apropriate parameters? What is all this.. according to Wizetrade it is as easy as "red light-green light"..


    BTW I bought the software on impulse, I was actually going to research it, but they hooked me with the "buy now" discount..
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    Please note that cybertrader01 (clever name) just registered today 5/6 and felt compelled to also give a glowing Wizetrade review today. What a coincidence. And like many of the other positive reviewers he hasn't made a single post on Elite Trader (outside of his Wizetrade review).
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