WIZETRADE: so easy even a kid can do it

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  1. I didn't realize that trading was that easy. Just look for stocks with "green" next to them and stay away from the "red". I am curious as to how he can actively trade a $500 portfolio in stocks without having the commissions crush him? I guess in the early 90's (judging by the video quality and haircuts) anything was possible.
  2. As L B Raschke has said, "you can't make money over the long run with a purely systematic approach".

    It may work for a few years, but adaptability is key. Been there, done that.
  3. Why post about a software system thats been out of business for quite sometime? TRASH BIN !!

    Another stupid thread..
  4. Who said they are out of business. Did you actually know or do you assume? Maybe that attitude is how you approach your trading too.
  5. vinc


    it should read - "you can't make money over the long run with THE SAME purely systematic approach".

    besides, she never proved she can trade profiatably so why quote her..