wizetrade or wizefeed?

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  1. Does anyone know if these products work well and are worth three or four thousand dollars?:confused:
  2. Two wizetrade threads appear all of a sudden?

    Business must be slow!!!
  3. just new to this game.Scuse me:)
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    16 ET'ers have reviewed Wizetrade... 69% say, "thumbs down".
  5. Use the ET search function and search for wizetrade. You'll find a lot of previous posts that will mostly tell you it's total crap.
  6. Yes, search for Wizetrade on ET.

    If you don't want to spend the time, I'll just tell you that unfortunately I was naive enough to buy it (paid $2500) and it's rubbish--for the money. (You can get the same kind of momentum indicators as part of any kind of charting package. Basically they sucker you into paying big money for a hybrid MACD/Stocastic indicator that self-corrects so it looks like it's always been right.)

    The only good I got out of WT was that in trying to make it work I discovered the Elite Trader message boards. The people on the WT support list were complaining about how all the folks over at Elite Trader were saying mean things about them. :( :p :D

    If after you read all the posts about how the program re-draws its lines for past-perfect accuracy, you still have questions, feel free to post. I'll be happy to respond. (I did spend a HUGE number of hours with the software.)

    To answer your question aboiut WizeFeed, its is simply eSignal repackaged only to work with WizeTrade. Therefore it's a bit cheaper than eSignal from eSignal.


  7. Something tells me the WizeTrade people don't hang aroung ET much anymore.

    Oh how I wish I had asked the same question on ET before my 30 day period was over!


  8. Don't be another sucker and stay far far away from WizeTrade. Use the $3K as your education cost (aka losses in the market) to learn real trading.

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    Unfortunately my wife purchased Wizejunk before I knew anything about it. The only "good" thing is that my Amibroker can use the eSignal that comes with it therefore I save about $40 a month on my eSignal charges.

    Still it will take about 5 years to re-coop the money wasted on Wizetrade
  10. none of my business, but your Wifey spent "5 years" without you knowing or discussing?

    I would truly be worried to come home from work each day to wonder what I would find?

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