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  1. Hello everyone! Felt like making a journal - my indicator will be Wizetrade and any news. It is fun to use and all, but takes awhile to get a good learning curve(althoughm seeing the reviews, isn't for everyone). My PAPER trade (not too exciting), will be on KIND. I shorted 1000 shares at 47.67 at 3:57. All the minute lights look awesome, and will probably go down. Any comments?

    ACK - Sorry, it was 47.67
  2. abogdan


    KIND never traded at this price :confused:
  3. abogdan


    Any stop loss, profit target any other shit that us uneducated, not-wize traders use in system trading?
  4. gms


    Post real trades. Paper trades don't include all sorts of fun stuff that happens with real live trades that can impact your bottom line.
  5. abogdan - no idea what you said means. Still paper-trading, not 100% with the system... I will once I start getting a higher percentage with winning(have only done around 10 paper trades)
  6. I must say that you have a lot of guts coming on here to ET or should we now call it Yahootrader. You start your posting career with a journal with a program that you have not even mastered....and let alone Wizetrade!

    My hat is off to you....you might search Wizetrade with the search function here to see what your readers think of Wizetrade.

    Well anyways welcome to Elitetrader and don't let the negative posts stop you from coming here.....but don't say I have not warned you....

    Michael B.
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    So, what you are saying is "wize minute lights are on but nobody is home"? :D Great! Listen, Mr. Rabbit, seriously, don't you think that becoming good at anything should start with at least learning the language?
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    So today is 18th of March, you are $1 per share in the hole, now what Oh' wize one?
  9. Turok


    Hey, I've got nothing good to say about WizeTrade and I wouldn't recommend it to my cousin(and I hate my cousin) but it sure would have been interesting to have someone posting the Wizetrade triggers real time here on ET.

    Wish Y'all had seen it as an opportunity to see posted data rather than an opportunity to intimidate.

  10. newtoet


    I agree. If you really think Wizetrade is a sham (and I do), what better way to prove it than to let a willing participant post his/her trades in a journal.

    ET has just turned into an attack and ridicule forum - MrBunnyRabbit if you are still around, I hope you continue posting trades.
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