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    Ok. Lets assume that you have sent the order to ARCA and right after that ARCA went down, or your Internet Provider cut you off, or you got partial fill and "Cancel the Rest" did not work, or you got confirmation on the trade but it is not shown on the Position Table .... I can go on and on and on ......:) . We have a journal in the office were we record all the anomalies that we have experienced in the past two years. This journal has 217 entries so far!!!! :cool:
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  2. ok...point taken...thanks for your time.

    Michael B.

    P.S. If I did not make so much money in my day job, I would apply at your company if you would have me....Then I would be living my dream....looks like a great bunch of folks....saw your pictures on your website....

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    Thanks! You have no idea how much fun we have everyday! I don't mean to brag or anything, but for the first time in my life I work with people who I really like! Each of my colleagues is unique and incredibly talented. Even the youngest one, John, who at age 13 received "Best Programmer Award" from IBM! The guy writes the code faster than I could type! Denis use to design computer systems to run nuclear plants. He wrote our AI expert system in Visual Prolog. This system is bigger then MS Office! Sarah is a retired professor of university (Applied Math). She is a pilot too. She flies a small prop plane. She also designed a flight simulator for NASA. Pretty cool, ha? Harold is WW champion in marshal arts and ultimate fighting. His father-in-law use to own MGM studios! I can go on and on. Who knows, may be you will work with us! Future is unpredictable! That is the beauty of it!
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  4. Absolutely. No matter how confident you are in a system, it has to be monitored, no doubt about it.
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  5. Hmm, which is the best sexually transmitted disease? Well, no cure for herpes, syphillis will kill ya, AIDS is good too... really, any of the three should do the trick.
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    hold the phone, I don't recall any utilmate fighting champion named Harold, could he went the name Gracie? :D
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