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    What are neural nets?

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  2. Forecasted price projections based on historical pattern analysis.

    Michael B.

    #12     Feb 16, 2004
  3. Well, buffy....if you are dead-set on buying it...I think
    Fasttrader will sell you his from years ago when he made his first mistake.

    Just joking, take it easy......:)

    Michael B.

    #13     Feb 16, 2004
  4. Nueral nets are very complexThey try to analyse and sift through a large amount of data and make associations. Look at Vantage Point software. I think that they are over rated though for trading. If they were so good then someone really rich would spend millions making the most complex nueral net and trade their way to billions.
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  5. I love how since the market has gone up this past year every one is thinking they are geniuses. I've seen the new infomercial for wizetrade and they take all the credit for the money they make. Not giving any credit to the fact that a rising tide raises all boats.
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  6. Well said ArchAngel. Why should you be able to buy for a few bucks a gadget that will make millions for you?

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  7. privateisland,

    You remember the story af some time ago about confounding bull markets with brains? We're riding again.

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    thank you

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  9. No actually I am only looking for ideas. Doing something of my own in C# these days.

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  10. Hi bufferman,

    Good idea, but you'll have to think a bit harder.


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