wizetrade for sale

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  1. ssomeguy


    selling wizetrade user name and password, since you can download the software for free on their website.

    anyone interested?
  2. Somebody is missing the boat here.

    I used to have a reptile dysfunction before I used Wisetrade.

    Wisetrade fixed me up in no time.

    You meatpies should take up a collection and share it.

  3. Choad


  4. ssomeguy


    what the hell?
  5. Choad


    reptile dysfunction...
  6. zxcv1fu


    Picture can say thousands words here:)
  7. sssomeguy,

    Steve might have been suffering from a calcium deficiency, parasitical problems or lake of UV light.

    Hope this clears things up...

    Steve is alright, do not pay much attention to the picture...This was a state of fear...

  8. As I understand it, it is important to scale into a reptile dysfunction.
  9. I cannot really comment here as I am not kin' to the Wizetrade congregational teachings.

    As far as WT theology, you might refer to the infomercials and pay particular attention the the farmer that speaks. He is authentic as it gets..

    There is no evidence however that the green light... red light thingy emits enough UV light for a reptile to live and dysfunction.

    Do not discount the "slow bleed" effect of the taxing nature of the Parasitical drain either.

    Excuse me while I go wipe...

    Bye for now....Doc Archy spewing forth the goodness

  10. ssomeguy


    oh i see
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