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  1. I have recently paid the $3176 and $29.95/month for the feed for the program. I am evaluating the software this week and on Sunday will be in a training class for it. I will have to decide if I keep it and pay the non refundable $3176 (including tax).

    my gut feeling is that its a semi-scam. lol. The reason being is that I do not view trading stocks to be as easy as green light, red light. and what do you do if you just bought and the stock goes red on you!

    I believe in what the Motley fool says about buying stocks. If you buy a stock you need a good reason, and if it changes then get out. I would have a hard time buying a stock on a 'green' light and not know what the heck this green light means! and then sell when it turns red in 3 days on me!

    They promote Wizetrade as a software that tracks buying and selling trends and thus pressure. I think one can easily see from the stock price what the past trend has been and paint a perfect picture looking in hindsight. They say in the demonstration of Wizetrade "look it here, if I had bought at this low price and sold at this high price, I would have made x dollars instead of just holding Coca-cola all this time."

    My feeling when he said that was "yea, no shit. I can be a genious too if I look at what stocks did in the PAST too!" what can ya do for me today? and most importantly, what is the success rate on current buy recommendation. Realize they never say buy a stock, only indicate with 3 green lights and then you must look at the FAST ...F-fresh cross, A-angle, S-separation between the green and red lines (I guess green represents buying pressure and red is selling pressure) and T is the timing??

    Anyways, I have traded very successfully the last few years. I did sell off 2 massive winners too soon and cost myself over $800,000!!!! yes, that hurts. But, its very hard to hold onto stocks when you are gaining $20, 30, and 50k in a day or 2!

    Perhaps with the Wizetrade, I would have kept these because there was no red selling indicators. Who knows.

    anyone here ever use or currently use the software?

    comments really appreciated. thanks.
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    I think you answered your own question.

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  3. Have you used it or heard of it?

    do you know anyone who has?

    I am interested in feedback from people who have used it.
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    I had another thought, why not purchase a proven system like vantage point or some other system that is proven and that you come across in many trusted forums, not that marketing crap.

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    You're trading at a size that generates $20K, $30K, $50K daily swings in equity and you're asking if WizeTrade is a good system?

    Save yourself the three grand and just pick up a dart board.

    Odd numbers = Buy

    Even numbers = Sell

    This "system" would be a worthwile substitute for folks who are color blind and therefore can't use the WizeGuyTrade system. However, literacy is a requirement.
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    They blitz the air waves for a week then the circus comes to town. They rent big rooms at hotels and give you this high power presentation (full of shit) and they tell people to take it home and test drive the software and the a few days later the have then all back for the day to show them how to use it. So if you go back and tell them you changed your mind they say they will give your money back.
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    By the way, the presenter in many occasions tells the people he is some high powered trader and then if you do a search with his name you will find out that many times he is a professional speaker not a trader.
    I have mentored a few poor guys that bought this system and its depressing seeing these people spend this money because they want to quit their job and trade ( the think the found the holy well of trading)
  9. I bought it for my girlfriend several years ago because she got pumped up on one of the infomercial and she was convinced it had to work. After all little Timmy Timbuck the 12 year old made $3000 using it (so the infomercial goes).

    Anyway she dragged me to the meeting and we bought it because it had a 30 day moneyback guarantee and I figured she would get bored of it by then.

    I evaluated it with her for the 30 days and showed her how she could use a FREE 3-6 ma system over 5 different timeframes and get the same if not better results then this $3000.00 newbie software.

    We returned it got our money back and thats all she wrote!

    Save your money and buy some good technical analysis books.
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