Without Hispanic Voters, GOP In Very, Very Deep Hole Says John McCain...

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  1. Having attempted to put together a voting coalition broad enough to get elected president, Sen. John McCain (R-A.Z.) knows better than any other lawmaker the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of the Republican Party.

    So his declaration on Sunday morning that the GOP faced a dire situation unless it did more to bring Hispanic voters into its ranks is likely to be treated as a blaring warning siren, not mere political analysis.

    "On the issue of the Hispanic voter, we have to do a lot more. We Republicans have to recruit and elect Hispanics to office," McCain told CNN's State of Union. "And I don't mean just because they're Hispanics, but they represent a big part of the growing population in America. And we have a lot of work to do there. And I am of the belief that unless we reverse the trend of Hispanic voter registration, we have a very, very deep hole that we've got to come out of."

    While he was one of only a handful of Republicans willing to tackle immigration reform in 2007, McCain faced a massive deficit with Hispanic voters in the 2008 election. His aides have said that, were he not the home state senator, he would have lost Arizona to Barack Obama, in large part because Hispanics had left the Republican Party in droves.

    Certainly, Democrats are aware of the massive electoral ramifications that could come from this development. In an interview with the Huffington Post last week, DNC Chair Tim Kaine suggested that Republican opposition to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and comprehensive health care reform could end up costing the party dearly with Hispanic voters down the road.

  2. People (we are talking about average persons) don't have particularly sophisticated political beliefs, they just pay attention to what goes on. If the economy stagnates and/or healthcare reform turns out to be a disaster we will have republicans sweeping based on nothing else but opposition to obama.

    Hispanics at this point are irrelevant. They come into play for long term (20 years out for example) calculations but what happens after Obama's first term will be governed exclusively by what democrats do while in charge of both white house and congress.

    If democrats overreach and Obama turns out to be Carter version 2.0 in people's minds, republicans will surprise everyone with their resilience.
  3. Obama has The Hispanic vote locked up,Stotomayer gave him even more Hispanic support

    Obama has the majority of the women vote even if Palin were the nominee

    Of course Obama has the black vote

    Obama is a 2 term Pres
  4. it's probably a foregone conclusion that democrats will pass some sort of "free healthcare" program, soon followed up by amnesty for illegals.

    doesn't bode well for anyone except the social-engineering left. 2010 is the turning point.

    The idea of being governed by blacks , hispanics, and of course the idiot-left-whites, is more than I would tolerate, considering both groups have a vendetta against whitey, and are marxist in philosophy.

    Australia Here I Come! Or perhaps New Zealand ... good honest freedom loving folk. Although, there is an off-chance of a few states seceding, which would increase my options.

    MY family arrived 100+ years ago, fought in WWI, WWII, korea, vietnam, was never on welfare, and I'm quite certain they'd be of the same opinion.
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  6. yeah, I'm, as usual, behind the trendline

    people have been, and will become more and more exhasberated about funding this federal monstrosity which yields virtually nothing
  7. Yep, you are behind...

    Better act quickly before it's too late...


  8. you want to hear irony ....

    I'm consulting at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Chicago, I work in a building over-looking Grant Park in Chicago. I've been working on automating claims processing.

    I accepted a contract, (against my better thinking), I've consulted here before. Two months is all I'll be able to bare, I'm through paying income taxes to this government.

    This particular BCBS company is filled with "diversity" evangalists, and now they've all been retaught the harsh truth that they are nothing but "villians"
  9. Arnie


    Wait. Wasn't McCain running for President or something?

    Oh yea, HE LOST! Now that's the guy I want to take advice from concerning an election.

    The same guy that thought Sarah Palin was good VP pick. Good grief.
  10. Good, continue to ignore the Hispanic voters...

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