Without a steady infusion of subprime/banking/credit

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  1. stories this market will rebound huge

    shorts need subprime and credit headlines like a diabetic needs insulin

    Time is running out.

    RIMM AAPL BIDU GOOG FXI EWZ GS MA gonna continue to surge as they always do :D
  2. Does this idiot ever shut up?
  3. gobar


    just bought some puts... let the selling begin...

    nasdaq down 10 pts..
  4. lol good luck with that

    economic perpetualism is real

    5 year bull market not ending anytime soon

    the bottom looks like its in
  5. gobar


    damm i should have bought some more QIds...

    LOL... nasdaq down 21 pts now
  6. enjoy it white it lasts

  7. without a steady infusion of subprime/banking/credit the market would never have traded at these prices in the first place

  8. thats like looking up at the scoreboard when its 41-7 and saying if they wouldn't have scored 41 points we woulda won
  9. lons will win and shorts will fail

  10. Only a fucking moron assumes the shorts will hold for the long term. Do you know anything at all about trading???? I make money shorting for an hour here, or there. Even when the market is up 200 pts on the day. Shut your fucking stupid mouth already, im so sick of hearing it flap in the wind and have nothing useful come out. Fucking learn to trade or go to a buy and hold board. I go long 80% of the time, but the point is, you can make good money shorting if you actually know how to trade, which you obviously dont.
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