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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Realist, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Realist


    anyone having problems trying to withdrawal funds from IB today? Withdrawal token by email aren't being delivered and nobody is answering the funds/banking chat, tried fo rthe past 20min...
  2. just21


    My token requests goto my junk mail folder sometimes.
  3. Realist


    I always get the token confirmation from IB within minutes for withdrawals. not today though. I tried to resend the confirmation 3 times but still haven't received anything. I'm trying to chat with funds/banking but nobody is answering today. Not trying to spook any one out but this is rather strange and a first issue I seem to be having getting funds.
  4. since you're the only one that mentioned it, I doubt if its system wide
  5. mskl


    I just called Funds/Banking 5/10 minutes ago re a different issue (not withdrawing funds).

    Call them if no answers in the chat.
  6. Realist


    I finally got the token emails about 2 hours late. Not sure if it is an IB email issue or if my ISP is having POP issues. Nonetheless I missed today's cutoff so I'll just try again on monday.
  7. sim03


    Take a look at the time stamps in the email headers.
  8. You sure Monday may be too late?
  9. Realist


    This is definitely a problem with IBs email servers. I sent two emails from other addresses to the email account that receives mail from IB and they showed up within just a few seconds. This is not a problem with my ISP that's for sure. I am still trying to withdrawal funds from IB today but no token emails are being sent still. It looks like IB is trying to stall customers from taking out funds since they are purposely delaying the email flow for token requests. I am surprised nobody else is having this issue???
  10. John - IB

    John - IB


    Please open a webticket via account management and request the ticket be looked at by Johne (myself).. I will be able to scan our records and let you know exactly when you made the requests and the second they were emailed to you.

    Many times, over and over again ISP's or personal spam filters will block these tokens either by email address, or just based on the subject field.

    I am more than happy to assist you, and by no means will we ever try and stall you from getting your money. As I mentioned above please open a webticket and ask that it be assigned to Johne in the tech support dept.

    Thanks, and speak with you soon.

    IB TAC
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