With volatility at low levels this rally, investors shouldn't be surprised by a summer sell-off. Eve

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ETJ, Jul 24, 2019.

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    August is rarely a bullish month, I expect some proper volatility.
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    Is there a difference between proper and improper volatility? Just wondering.
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    I am long one contract in YM, which means the market will now correct for at least 10%. It happens most of the time. So better get yer shorts on.
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    Dead middle of Summer. Those Senior on desks are likely to begin their vacations in the next week or two. Aug traditionally is a tough month because the whole damn world goes on holiday in August.

    Might actually begin in earnest, at least the first leg, after tomorrow's $AMZN & $GOOGL earnings...regardless of how they actually report.

    SemiEquip move is stretched. Software & Infotech is REALLY stretched...it's been a magnificent move to date. $XLF names look good but unless we get some more curve steepening they may find it tough sledding. They're BO'ing out all over, let see if this first attempt gets whacked back down.

    We shall see. Let's come back to this and see what happens.
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    Figure of speech. I imagined myself British for a moment.
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    That must have been bloody painful.
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    Yeah, because hacks on TV never lie? CNBC analysts were pushing a recession and market crash just last month. Right after, the market rallied to new highs! Gold bugs has been pushing the crash narrative since, sometime last year? Okay, precious metals are creeping up but, for other reasons. Indexes pulling back but, the overall trend is still up! I love all these contrarian buy signals. Take your pick, whichever side you want. Both cannot be right!
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    I am going to fade this thread.
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    Thanks for the update. The Dow futures just erased about 3/4 of their gains in the last half hour
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