With this recession, people buys less recreational drugs and hookers?

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  1. With this recession, people buys less recreational drugs and hires less hookers?

    Of course, they don't give invoices, much less fill statistical reports; so amounts must be estimated, or guesstimated.
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    No. They just purchase cheaper drugs and cheaper hookers.
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  4. ROFLMAO!!!
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    no.. more people use drugs as an escape. a wall street pill pusher can make some nice coin;especially on xanax . even coke .
    go to any strip joint,not a high end one and if you are clean looking and at least average looking,tell one of the dancers you will give her 500 bucks to come to a hotl room and film her. she will probably do it.
  6. This is known as the Hooker&Blow index, and they are talking about an ETF to trade this.

    Thought everyone should know that George Ellison, the George Ellison whose behavior in Vegas a few years back scarred employees into leaving BAC for UBS (after they were threatened to keep it on the DL) ***[ The five men contend that on a professional trip to Las Vegas with colleagues in March, Ellison "participated in after-hours socializing at an adult entertainment establishment during which he engaged in unprofessional behavior," according to papers filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte.

    When the group returned, the five contend in papers filed in the case, Ellison called a meeting of male employees in the group and "stated that he was attempting to prevent a `Tailhook' scandal from affecting the bank and that he would retaliate against any female employee who revealed his activities in Las Vegas."

    Those activities are not described in the legal papers, but the former employees contend their "confidence in (BofA Securities) leadership was shaken by these developments." ]***
    , is third in line to take over at Bank of America, having been promoted by Ken Lewis all these years and supported by Lewis no matter what. He's also overseeing public bailout monies, which are probably going towards hookers and blow.

  7. This is the dumbest thread. I can't believe it has not been put in chit chat. If you had mentioned anything about the Federal Reserve or congress it would be in chit chat.

    EliteTrader, what a joke. I will make a commitment right now to spend much less time here, it’s just ridiculous the topics that get started here.
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    did u read the article prostitution as an economic indicator? the link was posted above.
    did u read any of the article links?

    nobody forces you to watch every channel.
  10. Any chance you could let us have your own personal statistics on the subject matter then we could extrapolate a national average from that alone?
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