With The Death Of Trading,Rightwing Activism Becomes Crucial

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  1. Where do you stand! Wake up,get off your backsides and support Peter Schiff,Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh! You think you live in an evermore Socialised Country? Wait until state sponsored television advertisements are run,demonizing the middle class for not paying enough in taxes to support the 'deserving poor.' You don't think Fascism can happen in America? You have it 'lite' already. Why did Soros choose a beautiful,charismatic,black man like Obama? You will love him and kiss his boots while his administration plows crops under to 'increase the price for farmers'- Just as you did Roosevelt. The Left are about to win a great victory.Please don't let America go down because you didn't care enough! Wake up and get active!
  2. sounds like the glen beck virus claimed another victim.

  3. The only cure is intelligence and common sense.
  4. We're f__ked.
  5. i do not understand why george soros
  6. Nope. Someone else woke up and realized our country is being stolen from us.
  7. i still want to know what george soros has to do with it.
  8. did anyone on the rightcomplain when we had those republican judicial activist pick our president in 2000? As in the movie stripes,,,lighten up francis
  9. I just dont want to hear any crap when the supreme court picks a democrat next time for president,,but i likely will
  10. There were plenty of complaints when the Florida Supreme Court was trying to steal it for Al Gore.

    It's always ironic to hear a liberal whining about federal courts getting inmeshed in state election disputes. They were all in favor of such interference when their candidates were the beneficiaries. I know, that was "different."
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