With is the best daytrading futures trading room?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by musclext, Apr 12, 2009.

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    Come on traders,lets have all your feedback for daytrading rooms ,good or bad! For futures(even for stocks if there is anything out there worth it!)!
  2. come on traders! Give away what works for you to people you don't know! also, give up your edges, your knowledge, etc. Please don't expect any compensation. We anonymous people want your goods. After all, we gave you nothing!!!
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    WOW tradezones!! I didn't know you would take it that way! Isn't this site for traders to helping other traders! not to trow there money away! DO YOU OWN A CRAPPY CHAT ROOM! or you must be a just a rocket scientist! I think you have nothing to do and you just jump from one forum to other PLAYING smartass!:D
  4. musclext: TraderZones has been around for a while.

    I think if you focus your time not so much on jumping from one chatroom to another trying to locate one that is "good", especially one that is "free", or soliciting for advice from one forum to another, but instead focus your trading day on watching the market and formulating and executing your trading plans, especially around support and resistance areas, and evaluating all your trades and learning from your mistakes, that you would achieve profitability sooner than any chatroom and forum can take you.

    Unless, of course, you are purely looking for entertainment and opportunities to "social".
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    Thank you Balimomo for your answer!:)
    I was just reading an article of yours on T2W! Thats so funny! You r right!I have been trading STOCKS for over 10 years (PROTRADER) for a bank and on my own for over 15! I am just new in this forum thing and I read that there r some futures chat rooms around and want to know if there r worth it or a waste of time! I am planing to start trading futures and I thought they might be interesting to listen to!?!?!
    And I am sure from the answer the other member posted that he has been around for a while(posting), instead of really trading! Thanks again!
  6. you need to stop starting threads coming across like a paper trader with 6 weeks experience. The other stuff was very ignorable...