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    Here is a list of Barack Obama's friends, mentors and associates from throughout his life:


    Frank Marshall Davis - teenage Obama's mentor and possible biological father
    Communist and child molester

    Michelle Obama - wife
    Very bitter outlook on life and America, segregationist

    Saul Alinsky - Obama learned community organizing under proselytes of Alinsky
    Communist sympathizer, radical political disruption, wrote Rules for Radicals

    Acorn - community organization Obama associated with in his organizing days
    Known for widespread voter fraud and promoting the affirmative mortgage programs that have led to the worldwide financial meltdown

    Tony Rezko - financial backer and personal friend
    Felon, slumlord and part of the Chicago machine politics

    William Ayers - friend, political mentor, wrote Obama's two books
    Started Weather Underground, unrepentant domestic terrorist, hates America

    Bernadine Dohrn - partner of William Ayers
    Domestic terrorist, hates America

    Jeremiah Wright - spiritual mentor of Barack for 20 years
    Black liberation theology (communism), racist, hates America, anti-Semite

    Jeremiah Wright's church - Obama's church
    A congregation that cheers America bashing and racism

    Khalid al-Mansour - patron, facilitated Obama's law schooling
    Started Black Panthers, hates America, anti-Semite

    Rashid Khalidi - friend, Obamas babysat his children
    Pro-Palestinian anti-Semite, supports suicide bombing

    Father Flager - another spiritual mentor and friend
    Hates America, anti-Semite

    Raila Odinga - Muslim, Kenyan presidential candidate in 2007 supported and advised by Obama
    His supporters murdered 1,500 and displaced 600,000, also promised to institute sharia law

    Franklin Raines/Jim Johnson - Former heads of Fannie Mae, advisors to Obama's campaign, raised money for Obama
    Both have been singled out for impropriety and a leading cause of the current world financial meltdown


    A question comes to mind: Does Barack Obama have one reputable friend or associate that can vouch for him personally, or are they all scoundrels that he is forced to disassociate himself from?

    Another question: Who in good conscience can vote for someone with these associations?!? :confused:
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    Oops - forgot one:

    Louis Farrakhan - head of the Nation of Islam, friend of Wright and Flager, organized Million Man March that Obama attended

    Hates America, racist, anti-Semite
  3. McCain gives the keynote address to an ACORN convention and says how wonderful it is:

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    So are you saying that because McCain may have spoken unknowingly to a group that is now totally discredited, that he is as guilty as Obama? Or are you saying that Obama is as innocent as McCain?

    Either way it is loooooooooooooong stretch if you think that either clear Obama in any way... [​IMG]
  5. LOL! :D :D :D :p

    "Unknowingly?" You suppose at the start of the video when they introduce ACORN AND THE ACORN SUPPORTERS STAND UP AND CHEER that might have given McCain a clue?
  6. Gord


    Not that they are there, but that they would be completely discredited... [​IMG]
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  8. This guy bigdavediode is just a waste of time.

    You ask a question about Obama, preceeded with facts to support the hypothisis and his responce is to talk about McCain.

    Even proper manners would be to acknowledge the orginal question then state why you will not address it.

    With him debates just go around and around in circles.
  9. The speech was given in 2006 long after the Republican (nonstop) claims of "fraud" for ACORN obeying the law and submitting fake looking registrations (separated out and marked) as they are required to do by law.

    McCain obviously didn't have a problem with them.

    Or is your argument that McCain is stupid?
  10. Yes. You see if guilt-by-association is the metric you guys want to use, then you have to be sure that your candidate isn't also guilty-by-association.

    There's nothing to argue with in his list, since guilt-by-association isn't a valid method of argument. Just because you've met someone, or even know them, is not a valid criticism of a person. So his list is nonsense.

    Not with Gord, he gives up like a little girl.
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