With a 40k account.

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    Whats an average amount that could be earned each day?

    Is 400 to high?
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    Your loss should be confined to no more than $800 per trade.
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  4. Much depends on your risk tolerance, asset class, volty, etc... It's not unusual to have 10% weeks in exotic options.
  5. He's telling you that to be a profitable trader, you must first focus on and manage your losses.

    Every profitable trader learns to manage their losses first, and then they can develop a method (plenty on this website for free) of placing winning trades.

    With an account the size of $40,000, if you limited your loss to $800 per trade, that would be 2% of your total capital base.

    You are asking the wrong question.

    The correct question for any trade you place is:

    How much can you lose?

  6. No, $400 is not high IMO.

    I trade with 26-27k account. (I take out the profit each week.)

    I've been averaging about $420 for the last 2 months. (I've been daytrading for only about 5 months :) )

    Good luck.
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    thanks champ
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    Classic newbie mistake from Tyler. This is what fuels the market, not fundamentals.
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    Yep, I am a noob. Just trying to learn. Thanks
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    depends on what kind of leverage you can get on that 40k, which if you go prop can be a lot. 400 a day is about 100k, there are a lot of people on elite making more than that a year. so my answer to your question is, yes and more.
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