With 1 in 5 Americans out of work, Obama issues over a million green cards

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  1. The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals, allowing them to work legally in this country. That number represents the fourth highest number of cards issued in one year.

    750,000 of the new Green Cards were given to the families of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

    The top four recipient nations are as follows:

    -China…receiving 64,238

    In Feb. 2009, the financial institution Merrill Lynch announced that the nation’s actual unemployment rate had reached 13.9 percent. A year later, that number had risen to 17.3 percent. This figure represents Americans who have been laid off from full-time positions and are now working part-time, as well as those who have simply stopped looking for work, and workers whose unemployment benefits have run out.

    The official unemployment figure given monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is now listed around 10 percent, but represents only those Americans currently receiving unemployment checks, and is not truly indicative of the dire employment situation now facing the U.S.

    In 1931, the second full year of the Great Depression, the average rate of unemployment was 16.3 percent, with U.S. unemployment peaking at 25 percent in 1933. We now sit in between those two disastrous figures, with an ever-worsening economy.

    With U.S. unemployment now at depression levels, we simply can no longer tolerate not only illegal immigration, but any immigration which allows foreign nationals to take much-needed jobs from American citizens.

    Why are we paying the salaries of elected representatives who now seem to represent everyone, but us?

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    These anti-immigration people are complete dumbasses, their entire nation was built on immigration, the problem here is the fact that all they're doing is coming in and taking advantage of citizenship benefits. It has absolutely nothing to do with jobs being taken by immigrants.
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    We are going to need LOTS of workers to pay all of our entitlement programs in the coming years.

    You had better get used to it.
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    Obama issued one million this year? How many did Bush issue last year? I bet you never bothered to find out, eh? Just like all those tea baggers making a lot of noise now - but were cheering on the massive spending taking place for years under Bush. Hypocrite!!
  5. In other words, you supported what Bush did.
  6. i didnt vote but i donated 5 dollars to ron paul!
  7. Ok Mr. Genius I.Q. Please explain to us "dumbasses" why we even have immigration laws if EVERYONE who comes here illegally can get a green card once they are here.

    Either get rid of immigration laws completely or enforce the laws and not reward illegals for breaking the law.

    Try to imagine you do something the legal way. You wait for a couple years to do everything legally to get your green card. You stay in your own country working hard for little wages while waiting to come here. Once you finally get here, you find that if you just walked over the border, Obama would've given you a green card anyway.

    I'm not against immigrants. Personally I think all countries should have open borders. But if you are going to take taxpayer money for immigration and then just give everyone who gets here illegally a green card...why have immigration laws?
  8. President Bush yesterday told Congress to increase legal immigration and temporary visas as part of the debate over illegal aliens and enforcement.

    "I've called on Congress to increase the number of green cards that can lead to citizenship," Mr. Bush said. "I support increasing the number of visas available for foreign-born workers in highly skilled fields like science, medicine and technology."

  9. it would be appropriate to move this to the political threads...

    these claims and lopsided reporting are not economics related...

    it would be more acceptable if you presented a balanced view, and what the prior administrations did,

    instead of highlighting whatever pet peeve you have with this president....

    so exactly, how did you explain what your thesis has to do with economics?

    and how does what this thread relate to trading?
  10. The Department of Homeland Security has just reported that during 2009, they issued 1,130,818 new Green Cards to foreign nationals who were allowed to enter the country illegally by Bush Jr. Who the OP voted for TWICE.

    The OP is a shit-for-brains neocon moron. I can smell their shit-for-brains stupidity from miles away

    These anti-American bastards should all be shot where they stand.
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