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  1. A bill that would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in the classroom before the ninth grade has advanced in Tennessee's Senate.

    Sponsored by state Sen. Stacey Campfield (R), who unsuccessfully pushed the same measure for six years while serving in the House, the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill would make it illegal for educators to discuss any sexual behavior apart from heterosexuality with students in kindergarten up through the eighth grade.

    Members of the Tennessee Equality Project, a local gay rights organization which actively opposes the legislation, worry its passage would alienate certain children. ""It means [teachers] can't talk about gay issues or sexuality even with students who may be gay or have [a] gay family," said Ben Byers, a spokesman for the group.

    Supporters, on the other hand, tout the importance of an "age appropriate" curriculum.

    The measure underwent some complicated maneuvers before its passage in the state Senate. Jim Tracy (R), a member of the Senate Education Committee, argued the law was already in practice, as it's a misdemeanor to discuss any issues at school outside Tennessee's established "family life" program. Tracy thus proposed an amendment to Campfield's bill requiring the Board of Education to examine whether homosexuality is indeed being taught in the state's classrooms.

    The Senate passed Tracy's amendment, and soon after, fellow Sen. Brian Kelsey (R) proposed a further revision to Campfield's bill, one that would explicitly exclude homosexuality from the state's family life curriculum. Kelsey's amendment cleared the Education Committee in a 6-3 vote Wednesday, with only Democrats opposing. The measure will now be sent to the Senate floor.

    Campfield, 42 and unmarried, is no stranger to controversial legislation -- in the past, he's proposed issuing death certificates for aborted fetuses and permitting guns on college campuses.

    He faced blogosphere backlash earlier this week after refusing to debate the "Don't Say Gay" bill with actor Del Shores unless Shores paid Campfield a $1,000 retainer fee. Shores asked the Tennessee Equality Project for help raising the funds, and the organization refused, replying in an email that the group cannot justify raising money for an event that would "financially benefit Sen. Campfield in his pursuit of anti-LGBT legislation."
  2. What would be the point of teaching homosexuality?

    Kids understand various and different levels and types of love. So I'm sure if they understand love and caring no need to get into the sexual aspects of homosexuality.

    If sexual education is taught in school this would be in regard to pro creation, between a man and a woman. Hence, homosexuality is a non starter in the sex dept.

    Now if you want to teach homosexuality from the psychological aspect, then you need a psy class on homos you need a trained professional not a generic teacher.

    ps. Yes we need to teach homosexuality in school. Kids should be taught in a therapeutic envirnoment from pre K.
  3. Why be afraid to tell children the truth of life?

    Some percentage of people are gay...

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    I guess by that logic, teaching children the truth about interracial crime rates would also be okay. After all, why be afraid to tell children the truth of life?

  5. Yes, teach children the truth of racism. Black or white racism, doesn't matter.

    Teach them that Lady Justice is blind for a reason...

    Teach them to get the facts before jumping to a racial conclusion.

    Teach them that statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics to rationalize their lies.

    Teach...your children well...their father's hell did slowly go by.

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    Yes, since you are very familiar with the use of both of those.

  7. I see them used, of course.

    That's why Lady Justice is blindfolded...

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    I hope it passes AND gets extended to the 12th grade. Kids aren't going to school to learn how to be gay.