Wishing for the End of Times

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Steven.Davis, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. The juxtoposition of those wishing to discuss the coming "End of Times" with people discussing the psychological underpinning of the discussion was getting a bit much (my fault.) So I am starting this thread. My apologies as I have undoubtedly missed some relevant posts.

  2. Missed one of my own:
    That said. Small children have a poor sense of measurement, by nature are greedy, and have a strong reaction to unfairness. Children will fight for advantage, and be quite vicious when at a disadvantage. I think that this factors in somehow.

    Another relevant concept is that self-discipline, obedience both result in a perceived deprivation. Although it is quite common to teach children that there is a reward in good behavior, I don't think that that is the whole story.

    Around the world, American's are considered soft. Whether true or not, many who have never met an American are adamant in that belief. Why? Because we have it easy. Adversity is perceived to reward with strength. Like firing steel.

    There are many parents who teach this idea. To a point, there may be some truth, but "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" isn't true. Learning that you have the self-discipline to march up a mountain in full battle gear does. Having the cartilage in your knees give-up doesn't.

    At least I don't think that experience which break things ultimately strengthen us, but then I must not be a true Buddhist.

    I think that this wishing for the end of times connects back to this in some way.