Wish you all a happy 2018

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  1. CALLumbus


    When i see that face this movie comes into my mind: o_O

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  2. Care to guess at ABBA's biggest single hit? Big surprise. It was included on an album as a "space filler" according to Bjorn. No fair looking it up.
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  3. vanzandt


    Hmmmm.... maybe "Fernando"? The only reason I say that is songs that have a Spanish bent seem to always be top picks on YouTube.
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  4. Bingo! Damn, took the fun out of this. :) Bjorn mentioned this in their HOF induction speech, with the comment "who would have guessed"?
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  5. Overnight


    I really like that song.
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  6. DeltaRisk


    Another year alive is the best gift you could ever have.
    Money is nice, but it cannot replace time.

    Cheers to 2018!
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