Wish you all a happy 2018

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  1. CALLumbus


    Hey you ET guys and girls,

    I wish you all a happy and successful new year. It was a nice 2017 with you all here on the forum, lots of fun and always something new to learn.

    Have a great party, and a good start into the new year.

  2. Many Happy Returns for the New Year
    May all your trading dreams come true, you all deserve 300% returns with no losses. utilizing genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, and chaos theory for swing trading Canadian government bonds systematically.
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  3. Gambit


    This is hilarious! Thanks lawrence. Happy New Year guys and gals!
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  4. Humpy


    Have a prosperous 2018 guys/gals
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  5. algofy


    Oh man, I already miss zb!!!
  6. Overnight


    Happy new year all.

    (And algo, if you really miss him, we can find substitutes. )

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  7. vanzandt


    Earl Scheib. lmao
    "any car for $39.95"
    Leave the windows down and he'd paint the inside for free.
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  9. vanzandt


    I was waiting in line at a store the other day and this song was playing on the PA. There were a couple young Millennial girls in the next line over and they were just smiling away and singing every word. I smiled too. Some songs will live forever.

    The blond looks like a young Kellyanne Conway almost.
  10. Overnight


    Ug. Bellbottoms will live forever also, because you can pilfer items up your pant legs. That doesn't mean they are stylish.

    Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head. Bastud.
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