Wise words from Maverick74

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by michaelscott, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hehe. These are words from Maverick74 that probably most of us can relate to at one point in our lives. I cut and pasted it from another thread.

    The emotional and psychological pain of being in a bad position Maverick has described very well. After the market hours, you constantly watch CNN and earnings reports, etc.

  2. But its the day six or eight months later, when you see everyone saying its going to the moon, and you unwind the last 50,000 share block, up another 7 digits, that makes it worthwhile.

    And if you happen to look a month later, and its down 20%, you think to yourself, it could have been me still sitting there.
  3. I seem to recall that Mav was a HUGE George Dubya Bush fan several years ago just before "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and it must be oh-so-painful still watching CNN every night.

    Kind of like a losing position that is so UNDER WATER that there is no chance in Hell to even get back to break-even!

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    You may have noticed the context of mr Mavericks CNN remarks;
    as a seasoned trader, you build up an immunity to CNN:D