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Discussion in 'Politics' started by MrDinky, Aug 4, 2002.

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    While channel surfing today I ran across the Suze Orman show and decided to see what all the fuss was about over this large toothed wonder. In a format remarkably similar to the Howard Stern show, she took a call from a viewer that was "very confused" because she was putting people first all her life as instructed in her books, and is flat broke. Without blinking an eye, Suze says "if you were really reading my books you would know that when I say to put 'people first' I mean to put you first."

    Amazing, I thought as I shut off the television. She would've made a great politician.

    (Didn't want to stick around for the next segment where she advises her viewers to find the "god or goddess that's just like you."

  2. Just one of about 3.73 million reasons why my television sits unplugged and out of the way unless it's 9/11, the President speaks, or the World Series is on (occasional exceptions are made for Christmas specials, Billy Graham movies (like The Ride), or something else that might be wholesome. But the commercials ruin everything).

    If you turn yours off for a month or so, and go back to it, you'll realize that it's like returning to a pig stye.
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    She's a real piece of work. It amazes me that she is so popular given her basic advice regimen. A typical question for her is: "Suze, I have $200,000. Should I invest in a broadly diversified portfolio or set the cash on fire?" Could any gal with some basic financial knowledge, a lot of leather outfits and 15 extra teeth be this successful?
  4. TRUE, TRUE! If you haven't yet, one of the better moves you can make is to cut that crap out of your life completely - you'll be amazed at the effect...
  5. How much money do you think she makes to spew her tired obvious info?

    1 mil a year? more?

    Chas - you and I have spoken about the uselessness of television before, but I didn't realize that you didn't watch any TV. I want to try your method for a week and see what happens.
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    Why does she scream?

    She reminds me of that loud guy on Dilbert. :D
  7. Oh come on, that's a bit harsh! :) Seriously, i think there's actually some really good stuff on TV. I enjoy the History Channel, Meet The Press (or any other dual-view political discussion), News Hour with Jim Lehrer's really good. An hour every couple of day's ain't that bad is it? You don't have to watch EVERYTHING. That's what TV Guide is for :)
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    A prime example of trash TV. What a bunch of hogwash. Ranks right up there with Riki Lake and Phil Donahue. A leader of the stupid herd. The one with all the answers for those that don't want to take responsibility for their own decisions. There's always a market for that type.
  9. Her personality and her demeanor remind me of an elementary school teacher trying to explain the "a,b,c's" of this or that to the classroom...So much of it is just watered down generic advice that anyone can read in literally ANY book on the bookshelves...She is just another franchise unto herself who probably has a half dozen press agents, etc, etc working overtime to get her annoying and obnoxious mug on the screen and radio waves as often as possible...

    I still think she takes the backseat to the 22 year old self proclaimed guru Jonathan Hoenig who made a ton of bold claims a few years ago, put out a book, etc...He was marketed as the financial guru for the "Gen X'ers"...

    So, so, so glad the days of the raging bull market have come and gone if only for the simple fact I do not have to watch these clowns jump up and down and pound their chest about how great they are...
  10. While I would agree that there is alot of trash tv on, I think there is an incredible amount of great tv on as well...That is the beauty of cable or satellite dishes...You have some very intellectually stimulating programming these days... Ten or twenty years ago that did not exist...Nowadays, you have the equivalent of "Nova" from the 1970's on the tv every hour of the day x 10...I find myself compeletly entranced with the Biographies, forensic science programs, History channel, etc, etc...Lots of good stuff on the "idiot box"
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