Wisconsin's Final Throes Begin - Polls Blame Democrats

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    at a Monday meeting of U.S. governors at the White House, Obama seemed to lecture the governors that public employees should not be “denigrated or vilified".

    And yet he had no problem denigrating and vilifying others, like Wall Street workers, insurance companies, Chrysler bond holders, etc.
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    The president is just being himself, an african marxist muzzy.

    Wisconsin notified 2,000 unionized state employees that there contracts would not be renewed. The union would rather see these people lose their jobs than give up their stranglehold on the state coffers.

    2,000 down, 12,000 to go.
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    Yeah, according to the New York Times. Is there anyone who still believes a word they say?
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    It's not their opinion, it's a poll.
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    You can toss out the 45% of the respondends who clearly voted in favor of unions. The true results would be from those without a horse in the race.

    "Of those surveyed, 20 percent said there was a union member in their household, and 25 percent said there was a public employee in their household."
  8. 1. The New York Times is a Leftist rag.. can't trust anything they print.

    2. Ricter is an IDIOT!!
  9. That "poll" is a biased liberal lie:

    1) First, the partisan split in the sample gave a ten-point advantage to Democrats.

    2) Next, 20% of the poll’s respondents claim to come from union households. However, only 11.9% of American workers belong to a union, according to a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics last month and noted by none other than the Times itself.

    3) Finally, 25% of respondents are either public employees or share a household with a public employee... Government employment accounts for 17% of all workers

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    lol, no kidding.
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