Wisconsin Wants Minority Students to Wear ‘Black Inferiority ’ Wristbands

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  1. Federal gubbermint teaching racism in public schools.

    Consistent with the holder injustice administration refusing to bring civil rights violations when perpetrators are black.
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    I don't think MLK would approve. But RCG will be along in a day or two to put a real racist slant and this and probably tell whitey to put on the white hoods to remind him of his privilege.
  3. Excellent idea, the wrist band replaces the hood.
  4. Now think about how EXPLOSIVELY indignant, the race hustlers and rabble would be if this took place as I titled it?
    They'd be torching the schools and calling in the national guard and the Injustice dept for an investigation.

    and they wonder why we're tired of their shit?
  5. Well you have so many posters here on the elite trader crying their President Obama take away so much from them, crying for the revolution. crying, crying, crying is so bad for them in the USA.

    Really? You are privilaged and lucky in this game of life to be born in the USA. But you cry about the some social programs to help people, and you cry for your guns, and you cry you are so victim. You really do not see what special country you live and born to.
  6. The people on the receiving end of social programs should take a look around at the special country they live.
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    I saw you cut and paste some real English in another thread. If you would continue to do that to convey your points instead of writing them yourself we might be able to figure out what the hell you are talking about most of the time. :p
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    If they born here maybe they do not appreciate their social program. Ok, What I am saying nutmeg is the people from elite trader always crying and complain the poor people take away their wealth. Really is such bullshit to complain and to blame poor people for thier life. Is really their scape goat excuse to keep talking about poor people and to blame them. If you are so lucky to be born in the USA, why do this posters of the USA want to blame poor people because they are not rich? Really I see that. Stop that blame and go work is what I say.
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    And you are so full of shit.
  10. The problem is not only one of language gibberish the chief characteristic is one of thought quality gibberish.
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