Wisconsin Scene Is Turning Public Against Gov. Unions

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    "Let the fleebag/protest tactic drag on much longer, and the disapproval of the tactic climbs concurrently with disapproval of the unions behind it, creating what may turn out to be a tipping point in which the unions fall out of majority favor forever. If Gov. Walker holds strong and the bill gets passed, the unions are looking not at Wisconson, but at their Waterloo. And they know it."

  2. Things that are popular with voters:

    1. Cracking down on illegal immigration.

    2. Cutting back government employee benefits.

    3. Reining in union power.

    Things that are unpopular with voters:

    1. amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    2. Bailouts for underwater mortgage borrowers.

    3. Gay marriage.

    Obama is on the wrong side of every issue, but so is the mainstream media.
  3. Obama is on the wrong side of every issue, but so is the mainstream media.

    Somehow he thinks this is the righteous cause.
  4. Just want to make sure I understand the republican positions.

    Who was the president that gave amnesty to illegals? Reagan! Who did nothing for 8 years to curb the illegal invasion? Bush!
    Bailouts for those that packaged and sold those mortgages? Good, very good. Bailout their victims? Bad, very bad!
    Legislating from the bench for issues that favor liberals? Bad! Terrible! Unconstitutional!
    Legislating from bench to overturn Health-care? Good! Great! Fantastic!
    Unions have too much power and influence in politics. Bad, really bad.
    Corporations now able to contribute unlimited amounts to political campaigns? Woo-Hoo, it's a party. God Bless America!
  5. Be careful. Things appear opposite when viewed through a mirror.
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    This is a terrible argument, find me a self respecting conservative who supported Bush's lackadaisical approach to immigration, or the bailouts of the banks. I will promise you in advance you wont find a single conservative on this site who wanted either of those. That was actually one of the major factors which led to the start of the Tea Party because the government continued to govern against the will of the people.
  7. Sadly there are no self respecting conservatives running the republican party, and it's the republican party who is making all the decisions.
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    Forbes - In Wisconsin and elsewhere, it is clear that public sector unions continue to use yesteryear's union model to stand in the way of competition and growth. But in response to growing taxpayer dissatisfaction, state and local governments should-- and ultimately will--open up the provision of government services to competition. As this happens, the role of unions will decline in the public sector just as it did in the private sector.

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    This is true, none of these politicians on either side are representing the people anymore....... Its not like the dems have been saints in defending left wing principles either.
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    Is it your contention that all corporations are bad/evil or just the one(s) that screwed you?
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