Wisconsin Gov. prepares National Guard for fight with Unions

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    The new Tea Party Governor of Wisconsin has declared war on his state's public employee unions in a sweeping executive order.

    The Wisconsin National Guard has been told to prepare for violence perpetrated by unions members and union officials as a result.

    State employees are going to be required to contribute 5.8% of their gross paycheck to their underfunded pension schemas.

    Its a beautiful thing, watching Wisconsin swing from hardcore liberal to enlightened conservative values.

    Perhaps there is some hope for the country.
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    Sic 'em Gov. :D
  3. Love it.:D
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    lol, maybe Wisconsin should implement a special property tax assessment for all those second-home lake estates owned by Chicago people. :D
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  6. He's dealing with a bunch of leftists. He wouldn't need the National Guard on TEA party rallies. [​IMG]
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    Its the truth.

    Nancy Pelosi can walk straight through a capitol Tea Party rally completely unscathed and at the height of her arrogance and defiance of the electorate.

    Imagine George Bush walking through a democratic rally... Even in retirement they would probably sexually assault him like that reporter lady and he would have to rescued by a group of muslim women. :D
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    as I have said before that is because people on the right have jobs, families and responsibilities.

    We cant afford to get locked up or injured we are the ones who pay for the govt give aways.
  9. I'd stay away from the cheese for a while ;)

    Seriously, How much government is necessary to rule over a few lakes full of trout? What's up with this southern Canadian state? Just teach 'em to run across the border for medical services.
  10. Amen. Although I am not that far to the right.
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