Wisconsin Fleebaggers

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  1. "In the Assembly, Republican leaders had called lawmakers to the floor at 5 p.m. to take up Walker’s bill to repeal union bargaining rights for public workers. But they quickly began business just before that hour, when Democrats were not yet on the floor.

    Democrats charged into the chamber and shouted to stop the action as Republican staff urged leaders to “keep going, keep going.” Republicans took the voice vote, putting the bill in a stage that prevented it from being amended in that house. Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) called the move an “illegal vote” and demanded that Republicans rescind it.

    “Unbelievable!” Barca screamed. “Unprecedented! Un-American! Not in keeping with the values of the state! You should be ashamed of yourselves.”


    The Huffington Post reported:

    "As a group of Wisconsin Democrats camp outside their state in hopes of stalling an anti-public union bill, veterans of such high-stake showdowns see numerous challenges ahead. The media coverage will be suffocating; the urge to cut a deal will be compelling; the lack of sex will be, well, unsettling. Seriously.

    “If you are going to be out more than two weeks call your spouse for conjugal visits,” explained Texas Democrat Leticia Van de Putte, who, back in 2003, was one of 11 state senators who fled to New Mexico in order to stall Republican redistricting plans. “After two weeks — and most of my colleagues are men — I said get their wives here and quick because you are under intense stress.”

    She’s not joking. Among the many trying elements that come with a “quorum break,” the disruption to a lawmaker’s personal life ranks highest. In interviews with The Huffington Post, several legislators and a top staffer who went through the Texas saga called it, easily, the most exhausting of their careers."

    “Unbelievable!” Barca screamed. “Unprecedented! Un-American! Not in keeping with the values of the state! You should be ashamed of yourselves.”
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    Democrats everywhere are a shameful bunch. They can't adhere to the Constition or follow any civil rules. They are barbarians worthy only to live in the sewers.
  3. The good news is that they're exposing their twisted, radical agenda for all to see, just like Odumba did and we all know how that worked out for him.
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    Yep, this is hurting democrats and unions. I hope it drags out for weeks.

    Now we know what to expect when Obama is ousted. It will be ugly.
  5. They need to fire every teacher who called in sick, who is caught on video attending the protests. [​IMG]