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  1. If somebody is walking down a city street and see's 40 white kids walking towards them and doesn't think anything of it but the next day see's 40 black kids walking down the street toward them and feels very uneasy and even turns down a side street to avoid the crowd.. does that make him or her racist?

    just wondering.
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  2. Ricter


    40 kindergartners, in tow by their teachers, perhaps a field trip to the local museum?
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  3. well, a silly response doesn't surprise me. typical.

    credability vanished. i love how liberals act so "scholarly" until they get to a question that confuses them. Then its act like a child time. :p
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  4. Ricter


    Silly with a point. To fully draw out the "vewy vewy scewy" aspect you are no doubt trying to convey, they need to be young, but not too young, right? Definitely not old people. And the groups should be imagined as mostly male, right?

    Now, what symbols of socioeconomic standing are the groups (which I've gratuitously clarified for you) wearing, jeans and t-shirts, or coats and ties?

    (I might still run from the latter, of either color, since 40 of 'em means they could well be bible-thumpers or Amway people.)
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  5. its a simple question. teenagers wearing what teens wear, mixture of male and female.

    the bottom line question is.. if you're 'afraid' of black people does that make you racist??
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    "Teenagers wearing what teens wear"... is it a Sunday?
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  7. the bottom line question is.. if you're 'afraid' of black people does that make you racist??

    How about you answer that, and if its with another question then you're a fucking douchebag.
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    Pspr, would you mind asking a Mod to change your thread title?

    "Black Mob Attacks Whites" is sufficiently descriptive.

    The current title doesn't reflect the true nature of your posts in this forum which have been reasonable and informative.

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  9. Pc diplomat to the rescue.. Cencorship attempt. If you dont agree w him youre not "reasonable"
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    Just to add to your question, Obama said his grandmother was afraid of black people. Was she racists?
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