Wisconsin Assembly passes labor bill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader666, Mar 10, 2011.

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    And Michael Moore is calling for the "day of rage" (or somthing like that) for Friday. Isn't he over due for a heart attack?
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    Governor Walker for president!!!!!!! :D
  3. Republicans are no less thugs than Somali pirates.
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    Again, duly elected officials enacting legal legislation.

    If you wish to avoid that all you have to do is win the governors office and take a majority in the state senate and assembly.

    Its called democracy. You seem unfamiliar with it.

    If you insist on living in a place that taxes everyone to death to support unions I suggest you move to Spain, Portugal or France. Pleny of socialist countries for you to chose from, no need to ruin this one.
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    I think he is calling for the "day of the BigMac" judging from his hugely bloated obese body. The guy could drop dead at any moment. The man represents everything that is wrong with the midwest...and bratwurst.
  6. Too busy planning your next losing trade?
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