Wisc. Gov. Walker Expected To Survive Recall Vote

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    So much for that recall effort. According to a new Rasmussen poll of likely Wisconsin voters, Gov. Scott Walker should survive an effort to throw out his 2010 election, a campaign driven by pro-union activists angered that he limited collective bargaining rights for public employees in a budget-cutting move.

    It’s a huge and positive switch for Scott’s fortunes. Opponents made headlines when they easily collected 1 million signatures on a recall petition. Walker this week said he would not challenge the signatures-including names like “Donald Duck”-because there isn’t enough time before the May recall election.

    Rasmussen’s poll is the latest done on the election and finds that 54 percent of likely Wisconsin voters at least somewhat approve of the governor’s job, while 46 percent somewhat disapprove. He does good with independents, as 58 percent approve of his performance. The telephone poll of 500 likely voters conducted Monday shows a pro-Walker move, coming days after a Public Policy Polling survey conducted February 22-26 that found the state divided 49 percent-49 percent on the recall.

    Helping Walker has been the state’s improving budget, according to a Rasmussen analysis. A victory in the recall would be a huge blow to liberal union groups who’ve made the Republican governor the GOP posterboy for union busting.

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    Great news.

    The Unions spent millions on this recall.
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    Max E.

    Indeed, this is great news for the fight against bureaucrats, and their bloated salaries/pensions which are bankrupting us.
  4. Curious, this popped up too:

    Poll finds Walker in for ‘fight of his life’ in recall

    A national polling organization unveiled extensive data from throughout the state on Tuesday matching up candidates against Gov. Scott Walker in the upcoming recall election, and concluded the governor is in for “the fight of his life.”

    Public Policy Polling’s data suggested the polling numbers are some of the most encouraging figures for Democrats recorded since last August, with the majority of those surveyed disapproving of the governor.

    Polled voters were evenly split on whether to recall Walker, with 49 percent in favor and 49 percent against the recall, according to the poll. Walker’s approval rating came in at 47 percent, 5 percent below his disapproval rating of 52 percent.


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    LOL. I'll take Rasmussen's results over the "Badger Hearald". Sounds like a union paper.
  6. That would make the failure of the recall vote even sweeter!