Wireless Security

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  1. OK, Geeks of the world UNITE!!!!!

    Wireless settings and security.

    They say that if you can scan, and pickup other "Site Surveys", which disclose that you're in a hot spot, then you can piggy back off their carrier signal and surf the internet free of charge, and most likely without their server / router ever realizing that they are hosting additional nodes, namely your sniffer or wireless card.

    That being the case, here are some important hacker questions that are really very basic:

    1) after sync'ing on their node or hotspot and surfing the web through their connection, becuase they have not enabled either encryption or any other basic defensive steps

    a) what else can you do?, other than just surf?

    2) are you able to actually get into their system or their machines or configurations?

    3) can you change their router settings, or see their linked machines?

    4) can you notify them that they've been hacked?
  2. Only know about number 4, had a friend get hacked on his cable modem and they sent a message to him by printing on his printer to get a firewall. Have no idea how you would do something like that myself.
  3. if you can figure out who you hacked yeah why not.

    havent tried it but...
  5. some of these are good answers,

    some don't even know how to use the text box to make replies...

    Airsnort was known, and is quite surprising.

    There are ways to limit the markets that the packets send, along with the SSID so that one really doesn't know its his network transmitting, hence being sniffed and decoded.

    The need to insittute basic and complex and rotating changes in ones' security protocol (mix of variable features) so that one secures their home office is apparent.

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