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  1. I'm upgrading my network which do you recommend? Need a secure, long range, speedy model that's RELIABLE (doesn't drop connections or needs reset every month).

    What do you think of "dual band"..is it worth it?

    Any and all advice appreciated!
  2. Not a network expert, but the Linksys WRT54GL is a HUGE favorite with Newegg buyers. And for security/reliability, wouldn't you rather have a wired connection? You could run a 100 ft Cat6 cable from the router to your computer, if need be.
  3. a 100 ft Cat6 cable ...i didn't know this. is there any degradation of performance over a long cable?

    are all Cat6 cables alike for quality?

    Is it possible to make a wireless connection as reliable and secure as a wired?
  4. Actually, I think the distance limit is something like 300 ft. You might Wiki for verification.

    Cat6 has higher bandwidth potential, but Cat5 is also waaayyy more than your router can handle. Are all Cat6 alike? Well, they're supposed to meet the standard, but personally I'd go for one made by a factory like Belkin. The actual cable is probably all the same, but the quality of the end connectors could differ. There are places which will make them "custom length". That means, "they" attach the connectors to the ends of the wire.... not likely to be as robust as one factory made. Purchase off of eBay or something... maybe check Monoprice.com

    CAN a wireless connection be made as secure and reliable as a wired one? Hmmm... I suspect not, but I'm sure somebody will chime in with more info...
  5. I'm also in the process of upgrading my router (and my cable modem). I was having issues with dropped connections, which is not cool especially when I'm in a trade. The cable guy suggested I purchase a "Docsis 3.0" modem in addition to a new router. I was using "Docsis 2.0" which was outdated.

    After many online reviews (both good and bad), I found this router which Costco has for a decent price. Please note, I'm NOT that tech savvy when it comes to these things (dual-band vs. single band, etc). so I'm going to buy this one simply because I've used Belkin products and they seemed to work fine, and Costco has a liberal return policy.

    Check the reviews on Best Buy and Amazon and decide for yourself. Netgear routers have also been recommended, however you're going to find positive and negative reviews for them as well. Here's the link for the Belkin router model number:


    I will revisit this thread after I've installed the upgrade and let you know.
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    one more time-cascade routers.use wired for trading.

    as for cables-they all different..read about solid and stranded for example...but unless you using some HFT "systems"-imo it wouldn't make any big difference. if you are going to use wireless for trading-then various encryption levels is a must and this will slow you down more than damn cables

    to previous poster-i'm also happy belkin customer...they imo more average user friendly. can handle a lot of connections(in case if you want to use some P2P). as for wired this guy -


    is a solid choice and also user friendly
  7. I used to use a Linksys (now Cisco) wireless-G router. About 6 months ago I switched to a faster wireless N-150 standard and someone recommended, and I bought:

    Netgear WNR1000 N-150 wireless router


    It works well. I like it. Easy to set up. I hook it up to a Comcast cable modem.

    It seems that they are now selling WNR1000 v2 and my model is no longer available (as new). But googling the v2 gadget showed many posts on wireless reliability issues. May need to check the reviews.

    As for wireless security: definitely wireless is much secure than wired. If you can have wired connection, use wired. Only use wireless if you can't, or you don't mind trading off security for convenience. If you go wireless, the first thing you should do is to set up security for your wireless connection. Probably the WEP 128 bit encryption is the easiest.

    As for cat5/cat6 cables: cat5 will work fine. 100 ft is not a problem. The official distance limit for running 100mbit over CAT5 is 100 meters (about 300 feet).
  8. It like it. Had it now about 9 months. Running Linux Tomato latest rev. on it. Good value. Only wired but planning on wireless soon, for personal surfing and such.
  9. Netgear WNR1000 N-150 wireless router


    Timely thread in my case. I installed this router yesterday and pfftttt. too slow for my daughters WOW. (Guess these gamers need speed)

    I'm going to check on the netgear n 600. I did have a linksys router which I didn't have any problems with as far as speed went, but for some reason it shit the bed Saturday.
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    For logical security, yes. The only fool-proof way that I know of is to build a VPN over your Wifi connection. Forget the WEP, WPA etc. they can be cracked in seconds.

    For physical security, no. You're vulnerable to jamming and similar threats.

    For reliability, no.

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