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  1. hi there. i use IB as my broker and today there are a few of us that are having problems logging in.soemthing to do with "creating socket failed". it has to do with our isp,shaw.
    the thing i'm wondering is one guy has a wireless router and he can connect but those of us not using a wireless router cannot. why would that be? thanks alot.
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    The error you describe has nothing to do with wireless vs wired router, it must be something else.
  3. Yes that make no sense. If you can connect to the internet it should have nothing to do with a router. It has to do with IB or their API I believe.
  4. In most scenarios, the "creating socket failed" would indicate a problem with the broker (IB) server. Most likely some sort of software error where the server is out of resources.

    The only situation, in which I can see that wireless is working but wired is not, would be that the brokerage server had a problem with packet size and the wireless connection had a maximum MTU size set while the wired connections had no TCP packet size limitations. Therefore the IB brokerage server choked on the wired TCP packets but correctly created the socket for the wireless connection.

    Just my thoughts....

    - Greg

  5. How anybody could trade with a wireless router just escapes me...
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    Been trading with wireless for years...spot on... zero problems. DSL for backup.
  7. Savant,

    Good Evening! Are you questioning the vailidity of trading wireless, because of a bad experience or just don't believe it to as safe as a wired connection?

    I have a D-Link router that has both options. I have a desktop wired, and a laptop that is wireless. The laptop I use for trading now, as it far exceeds my desktop in CPU and Ram, as well as HDD. I also use a wireless mouse.

    I have used it all over my house, though I mainly trade within 4' of the router. I live in a 1 1/2 story home and taking it upstairs to the bedroom, or 40' to the living area, I've never experienced any difficulty due to the wireless connection. This includes trading either intraday or otherwise, or web surfing select sites. Nearing the end of my 2nd year with this setup.

    Good Trading 2 U!

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    While we're on the subject of routers what would make one all but stop working? I have a 108Mbps Netgear that's maybe 1 1/2 years old. Never had any particular problem with it then suddenly one day I was using the laptop and I noticed the connection had a low signal strength and and was doing only 5 - 10 Mbps when 48Mbps was the norm. This was with the laptop/wireless card 4 feet from the router. Twenty feet away and I had almost no signal and maybe 2Mbps. Where as before I could use it anywhere in a three story house with good results.
    Would it be normal for name brand router no older than this one to just crap out?

    The wireless card works fine every where else so I'm assuming that's not the problem.
  9. Just a thought, have you added any new electronic equipment that may cause interference. Maybe someone is wardriving your network, hoping on and sucking your bandwidth.
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    Nope, I hadn't made any software or hardware changes and the router was in exactly the same location. One day it's working great and the next hardly at all. I had the WEP activated. Wouldn't that keep the neighbors off, or not?
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