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  1. I usually trade from my desktop with a cabled DSL connection. I have been thinking of getting a Dell notebook for downstairs, wireless for more flexibility.

    I have heard there are security issues (intercepting account credentials) with wireless.

    I live in a fairly rural area. The road is 140 yards from my house. My nearest neighbor is 100 yards from my house.

    Do I have to be concerned with security on the wireless over these distances? On the other hand, how difficult are the customized setting to do?

    TIA :confused:
  2. Even a caveman can do it.
  3. Encryption is a good idea in any event. Not difficult at all to set up.... just use WPA2.
  4. what's a great router for the money (under a $100)? :)
  5. do yourself a favor and spend 175.00 and get an apple airport extreme...

    works first time every time ...
  6. Linksys WRT54GL. $55 AR at Newegg.
  7. I would never trade off of wireless. I have heard of too many stories of ppl. have momentary blip outages on wireless, where they lose connection for 1 second or less sporadically throughout the day. I have heard it happens often enough to make it a nuisance. I don't need that happening when trying to place an order.

    An OP on ET said he was able to solve that issue, but I can't recall how. If this issue has been resolved in the last 6 months I would like to hear it. I know I was just talking to my relative on skype on a wireless connection and we kept getting dropped just as mentioned.
  8. can't you configure a good wireless so that it's almost as secure as the wired?
  9. Experts say Yes.
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