Wireless router for trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by turkeyneck, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Does anyone trade on a wireless connection? Which router do you use?
  2. ofthomas


    depends on your timeframe... if you are scalping or trading minute/tick bars... or "day trading" ... stick with wired trading... otherwise, cisco(aka linksys) and netgear are good...
  3. Daring


    Ofthomas, weird.

    Scalp fast markets and fast time frames using Linksys routers without problems. In fact, if I hook up the LAN cable I can't notice any difference whatsoever just make sure no electronic devices can interfere with the wireless connection and produce unwanted disconnections. For instance, cordless phones and other wireless signals in your areas, but once you have done your research, you good to go and also helps the aesthetics as you have less cables around systems.
  4. Jgills


    if you're trading at home and the difference in speed between a wireless router and wired router is going to be your edge, i think there is a lot more you need to work on.
  5. newwurldmn


    I got one of those "routers" that runs through the electrical outlets. It's incredibly fast. Practically the same as my computer being hooked directly to the modem despite it being 2 floors higher.
  6. Mysteron


    Depends which room/computer I'm using, but I get almost same speed using wireless as I get with ethernet.

    However there was once a problem with wireless as the PC had an internal wi fi card with an aerial on the back of the PC, with the PC on the floor. Unfortunately on the other side of the wall adjacent to the PC there was a central heating radiator which appeared to cause shielding to the router one floor below, so the wireless wasn't reliable as the speed would intermittently reduce at times. The solution was to disable the internal wi fi card and instead use a usb wireless dongle connected to the PC via a usb extension cable and have the dongle on a stand situated on a table higher up and out of the way of the central heating radiatior.

    I don't use any special equipment, just standard domestic wireless netgear router, with ZyXel usb dongle. And I have spare equipment too in case of failure. Same for the PCs I have too, nothing special - there is absolutely no need for expensive top spec equipment.

    Also ADSL broadband is fine, my ISP can provide fibre but I can't see the point of it.
  7. ofthomas


    nothing to do with edge.... it has more to do with reliability...

    wireless is more prone to issues with at times forcing you to reconnect, it happens... while not often, all you need is for that to happen when you are scalping 10+ lots on DAX or TF and your stop is not met because your stop was no server side by client side and during the time it was "fast moving", the market, you happen to have had a disconnect ...

    as to the comment about no difference between one and the other, you are right...

    for the most part depending on which wireless standard you are using, there will be no diff for market data...

    your limiting factor will be the incoming internet connection to your provider...so I would have 10GbE at home (which I dont have :)) and that will mean little given my upstream provide grants me only 30 down and 3 up... so both wireless and wired will "feel" the same coming from the internet... regardless of which I pick...
  8. Why do you think yo uneed a wireless router?

    I got a router in the basement that ties my little backtest grid and all the other computers and my house network into the ISP uplink, and I have wireless access points in 2 locations in the house (due to the house being older and blocking radio quite well, especially between the floors).

    Among other elements this allows me to use commercial grade equipment because somehow you do not get wireless routers that are good. Because only small household cheap setups use them.
  9. I'm moving to a house without the CAT5 wires in the wall.