Wireless router and network sharing

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by just21, May 16, 2003.

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    I have set up a linksys wrt54g to share my cable modem between a wired pc and a wireless laptop and it is working fine. How do I access the hard disc on each pc to share files? Do I need seperate lan connection?

    thanks for your help, has any one else been able to do this?
  2. Just make the drive you want to access a shared drive. That's it. The actual process is a little different depending on what operating system (OS) you're running. If I'm presuming you're running a Windows based OS, just make sure file and printer sharing is enabled for your home LAN.

    Depending on the OS, you might have to set up share rights as well. Also remember that your network will be only as fast as your slowest connection. In this case, your wireless connection will be your slowest link.

    Glad you got a hardware router. It adds a good layer of security from the internet.
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    I am using windows 2000 and xp. The only lan I have is the cable to the router and then to the cable modem.
  4. I have exactly the same setup and am having the same difficulty.

    I am going to post on the Microsoft Newsgroup discussion to get an answer.
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    Do post the answer here. I have enabled sharing for my drives and still cannot connect.
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    dudes... you need to put both computers in the same work group. Then shared drives can be seen by each other.

    Also turn off zone alarm, black ice defender etc until you get this working.

    I just picked up a SMC 80211.b router for $80 CAD ($50 USD). Works fantastic
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  8. Stupid question, but when you do this, does your ISP know you are running two computers? (i.e. is there some sort of computer tag that they track)?

    My ISP charges extra for more than one connection.

  9. Jayford... no, they don't know that you're running more than one connection. Your router is essentially the only connection that your ISP sees.

    Some ISPs will charge people to set up more than one connection. This is their attempt to monetize those who don't know how to set up their own routers (Earthlink does this, for example) and to sell/lease them equipment.
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    no they don't. You might have to clone your mac address in the router to make them happy.
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