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  1. Hello,
    I am currently staying in a hotel, and my laptop was working fine on wireless. Then, out of nowhere I received the "Limited or no connectivity" alert. I chose to repair my signal and I received "Cannot Renew IP Address"

    Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance-
  2. mrtwo


    This problem is pretty much network related. You should contact the hotel's helpdesk about it.

    Just as a quick note: hotel's networks are VERY insecure, I wouldnt log in to my trading accounts from a hotel network no matter what ;)

    You would be amazed how low security most trading platforms are. A hotel employee eavesdropping at the ISP's routing port would be able to intercept all kinds of sensitive information I am pretty sure you wouldnt like to share with a stranger ;)

  3. Wow, thanks for the precaution!

    The problem is my other laptop is working fine, so could it still be a network problem if it is only one of my laptops?
  4. nkhoi

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    ask hotel where is their server and then try standing near it when you 'repair' your connection
  5. Try disabling and then re-enabling your wireless card. Check the settings on it and set everything to default. Also, make sure you are running with the latest drivers for the wireless device.
  6. vinceb


    I switched my computer from wireless to wired since I had problems with it often. Better be wired if scalping.
  7. Choad


    Absolutely true. Anybody monitoring the network with simple packet sniffing software can grab everything to/from your machine. Even another guest can do this.

    I always dial in directly to my backup ISP to access my account info. Even that makes me nervous, but I have a hardware key so money cannot be transferred out from a remote location. If you don't have one, get one. Can't be too careful!
  8. siki13


    What is hardware key?
  9. balda


    Had similar problem, end up replacing network card.
  10. One other option for the future is getting Verizon's wireless broadband. It works in just about every metropolitan area and the coverage keeps expanding. I've found it to be very reliable.
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