Wireless Networking Starter Kit 2nd edition ebook

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  1. Some have posted offers on ET that are being listed at dealnews.com. I highly recommend you sign up for their daily email newsletter. The deals they find for just about everything, systems, software, hardware, wireless, storage, RAM, are amazing.

    There have been some comments on Wireless Networking, and dealnews.com lists this offer today. Some of you might be interested.

    Wireless Networking Starter Kit 2nd edition ebook for $16 5:00 am
    The ebook version of The Wireless Networking Starter Kit, 2nd Edition is available direct from its authors, Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman, for $21. Coupon code "CPN40127DLN" takes $5 off, a net price of $16. This software download includes the fully-linked electronic version of this 560-page book, which covers all aspects of wireless networking. It's the lowest price we've seen, even undercutting used copies of the paper edition.

    I have nothing to do with dealnews or the ebook. Just for your info.