Wireless internet laptop - are these available?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lar, May 5, 2005.

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    From the calibre of the hardware posts found in this forum, I figure this would be child play for you techies.

    I am very unsophisticated when it comes to computers but I simply want to be able to access the internet from a laptop without being tied to a landlink. It would be great to trade or track trades from the beach or various other locations. I also am thinking about taking a few daytime college classes again (what a great lifestyle!) and want to be able to check my positions anytime I want and be inconspicuous about it.

    Is this technology available today? If so, can anyone reccomend an appropriate set up?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

    You guys rock!

    Peace and gtty,

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    Verizon offers a good service for wireless web, but it's still quite expensive. T-Mobile offers it too and it's dirt cheap, but the speed is ridiculous. Don't know about other carriers, but I heard that Verizon is the best for speed and coverage. Guess we still have to wait.....
  3. doesnt verizon offer a wireless service for only $55/month?
  4. if you want within the home, you can get wireless router. if you want in the car, in the country, verizon and at&t offer services. i have verizon, where a card plugs in to your laptop. i think it's 70 a month. in fact, i'm in the airport waiting for a plane to vegas right now using it. speeds are 300-700k.

    there is thread on this somewhere, you can search for it either by name or by my name, as i posted on it.

    anyone heard of verizon fios?? coming out soon in certain places!!!

    15 MBS FOR $45! 30MBS for $200/month. not available many places. available 2 blocks down the road but not at my place. not too happy.:mad:
  5. Are you serious? That's been around for years now. Go to your local best Buy or any electronics store and try it out.
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    Thanks dafugginman,

    Ah, from the airport... wireless...I thought for sure the technology was available. Sure, that's the stuff.

    Peace and Gtty,

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    Jackedup said,

    Are you serious? That's been around for years now. Go to your local best Buy or any electronics store and try it out.

    Yep, I'm afraid I was serious... my printer is a Flintstone circa woodpecker that chips out the image on a stone platen. I am waaaay behind the times.

    Best Buy is the place to go, eh? Will do.

    Thanks Jackedup.

    Peace and gtty,

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    I have no problem using WI-FI for FREE in JFK!
  9. Wi-Max should rock.
  10. verizon 40$-60$-80$...80$ being unlimited monthly use,national access & broadband access.data only.T-mobil service only available at there hot spots,over a thousand nationwide ,starbucks,airports,etc.I want to be able to keep an eye on the accounts anywhere,especially when I go to my happy place in the country.
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