Wireless internet broadband access available?

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  1. Will be staying at a relative's house for the next month. There is no internet access at the residence.

    I will not trade every day, but I want to have access available in case I need to or want to do so.....

    Is the only thing I can use a Verizon wireless EVDO card? Do I need to have a Verizon cell phone plan to use it?

    Is there anything else I can do in this situation as I would only need the access for about a month.

    Any ideas???:confused: :confused:
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    go to starbucks or barnes & noble

  3. hehe... that's a lot of coffee I will have to drink :)

    good idea though
  4. Panera has WiFi too.

    The little public library near me has WiFi, so checking out the local library where you'll be is probably worth it.
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    How about pay for a month of service at their house ?
  7. Yep...easy and quick solution is the obvious as others have suggested.

    Just go to any local WiFi hotspot...

    It's what I do when I travel.

    By the way, make sure you have a good firewall/internet security system to prevent any problems.

    Here's my favourite Wi-Fi hotspot locater...


  8. They don't have cable and I figured by the time I pay the set up fees and install a DSL modem it just wouldn't be worth my time. Besides I didn't think they would let you cancel service after 30 days or so...

    Last time I was at this house I signed up for AOL with the free disk availble everywhere. It was fine for my style of trading except took me like 3 days and 30 phone calls to try and cancel the damn thing after I was done using it...

    sucked big time :)

    FU AOL:mad:
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    I'm pretty sure Verizon has a montly plan with no penalties. check out their home page. they probably give you a cheap modem too. Setup is very easy
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