Wireless Hacking

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  1. Can someone else monitor your keystrokes in your immediate wireless vicinity even if you are using your own laptop/pdas/hp through special keylogger technology?
  2. Yes, sadly it's quite simple, or at least it was.
    Default settings broadcasted like a wounded seal for the sharks.

    If the hacker has or had physical access to your machine, then truely all bets are off...you're pwnt.

    If you're suspicious, have your notebook/pocket pc or phone (bluetooth)checked out.

    Upgrade your firewalls, two soft (different vendors), one hardware(With sacrificial lamb if possible.)--if not ,fine.

    Google for more, tons of info out there.
  3. Does all these firewall/antivirus stuff protect you when
    you use your laptop in a wireless environment and all
    the crook who is sitting nearby needs is to trace your key strokes
    just for the password (He will then log into your account another
    time without even the need the hack into it)?
  4. Yes , that cute babe sipping water a few tables away wants your number; account numbers, that is.

    Well security has gotten better with wireless networks but if access was obtained (physical or remote). the logger simply creates a log and emails itself to the hacker.

    I had a white hat show me just how vulnerable I was a few years ago. Really made me rethink my security layers.

    It's just a good idea to scan for trojans and update your security.
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    sure it's possible. if it's posssible for this to happen via a wired connection then why wouldn't it be possible for it to happen via wireless connection? in general, wireless is less secure than wired.

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    Yes, the software is called netstumbler(freeware) for sniffing wireless networks. Doesn't matter what ssid you use or if you have wep or wpa encryption turned on. All are crackable. There are several other software packages that can easily monitor a wireless net. There are groups that drive around in neighbors all over the country mapping open AP's and puts the info up on a website map. Don't remember the website at the moment. I have used netstumbler to test wireless security.

  7. Can they intercept pages from being displayed ?? If so, does this mean they can see the intercepted page instead of you ??

    For example what happens is I am online on a wireless connection, I try to access a web page & get the message "page cannot be displayed" then I get the wireless network popup saying " network connection now available" or something to that effect. Then I just click the refresh button to get the page.

    Have I been intercepted & "hacked" in any way ?? Thanks.
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    Thanks for starting this thread. I was wondering the same thing. :)
    Sorry, a little off this topic, but didn't want to start a whole new thread - What is happening when you have a wireless lan connection and your software shows you're hooked up at 100% connectivity but you can't access the internet through one of your browsers and you get the "page cannot be displayed" message or Firefox's equivalent? This happened to me this morning. On Sunday mornings I go over to a local college here and sit at the outdoor snack bar which has a great ocean view, is private, and has a wireless router inside. It always hooks me up without any problems. I have a Belkin Pre-N wifi card. Except this morning the above happened. Sometimes rebooting the laptop works but not today. Thoughts? Thx.
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    While traveling I occasionally run into a similar problem. If I put the cursor over the connection icon I get a message about "limited connectivity". Even though all other indications are that I am connected, I'm not.
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