wireless connections anyone?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nevadan, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. nevadan


    Does anyone have any experience with wireless internet? Problems with streaming data dropping ?

    Thanks for any input
  2. What kind?
  3. nevadan


    I am looking at a two way connection through an ISP that claims 1.5mbps and a one hop through Sprint to the internet.
  4. kowboy


    Probably depends on the honesty and integrity of the ISP.

    I have a wireless LAN 512Kb connection, but some of the security features incorporated into this IP software regularly drop my connection under certain conditions. Like too many IP requests, or too much data flow from my Mac card will time my antenna out. Also they work on the software during the day without giving any prior notice.

    Also they never return my phone calls in a timely manner when I need assistance and there is no one on duty at market open when a lot of the disconnects occur.

    Probably the best recommendation would be to talk over these items before going with them and don't get into a long term contract until you're satisfied with the connection and the support.
  5. Don't know about that one but I think you just have to try it out. There are so many variations of individual needs and coverage that I think it is nearly impossible to make definative statements about these wireless questions.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the tip kowboy
  7. i use microwave wireless for my isp. it works great.
  8. Moz


    Is that the square antennas I see on top of homes? How's the pricing for microwave?
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    The people I'm talking to are microwave also and want $250 set up and $50/mo. Don't know for sure but assume an annual contract as well.
  10. yes. price is a little high but its only choice i have.
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